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By thixle On 10/31/03  

I saw a post on here a while back about circumcision... One of the links was to an anti-circumcision site that had a gallery of "mishaps." If anyone could post that link for me, it would be apporeciated. Thanks!

By vintagehybrid On 01/29/04  

i would be interested in this as well. i remember a post about it about a year ago, but couldn't find it. anyone?

By GlassPrincess On 02/02/04

Not sure if this is the link you're looking for, but it has some info.


By wrong_way On 02/16/04  

You know I couldn't bring myself to look at the pictures. I didn't know how horrible they would be. I worry that my son's was messed doesn't look like any of the ones I have not all the foreskin was taken off? I warn any mom out there not to do it. It was a horrible experience and one I really feel terribly guilty about to this day. I don't know why I did it, except that I wanted it to look like his dad's and the other males in my family.

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