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By spasmodica On 10/30/03  

If you're planning to get some full-color business cards, stickers and buttons made, I'd like to recommend a few places.

These are some vendors that I've used recently to make some of my Spasmodica promos, and I was quite pleased with their service, prices and finished products. Furthermore, all of these guys accepted orders online (files can be uploaded directly using their site tools). Of course, if you have any vendors you'd like to share, please post away too. :)

Here I go ...

1] AAA Full Color Business Cards>
Hokey-ass name but darn good products and customer service. I bought 500 full-color, double-sided cards with UV-coating on rrreally thick paper for only $73 (including shipping).

2] PsPrint>
I used them for my stickers, but they also offer postcards, posters, business cards, etc. They also handle short-run quantities, which is perfect for my extremely small business needs.

3] Busy Beaver Buttons>
You probably already know about Busy Beaver because it seems like everybody uses them for their buttons. I purchased 100 full-color 1" buttons split between 2 designs (including shipping) for only $35.

Hope these recs prove useful to somebuddy. :)

By plainmabel On 10/30/03  

Great thread!

And I'll vouch for the fact that Spasmodica's stuff came out really well from these vendors. Very nice stuff.

I also use Busy Beaver for buttons. For postcards I went with Modern Postcard who did excellent work, had a handy online template for bleeds and all that, and delivered very quickly. For biz cards I used Overnight Prints Decent work (full color just one one side), got a few duds, but I got 1000 for $40 so I can't complain too much.

By monkeyrocker On 10/30/03  

Ooooh, I'm so excited about this section of the board!

Does anyone have a good vendor for cloth labels? I've been hand stamping, but I'd like to get some embroidered or custom-printed labels. I have press kits and samples from a couple of vendors, but I'd love to hear some first-hand testimonials before investing some of my measely income in custom plates.

By SublimeStitcher On 10/30/03

Super fast, super cheap and super quality.

1,000 four-color, front and back 4" x 6" cards for under $200.

By cinnachick On 02/16/04  

I recently took Sublime Stitcher's advice and tried because my first choice of was going to take way too long. It was incredibly easy and fast to download their template and insert my images. 4 color printing on both sides for 5000 business cards cost me about $250 including overnight shipping. Their autmated system sent me an email when my order had been received, then I called them and gave them my phone number, credit card number and shipping info. Then I got an automated reply when my job was on press, being packaged, and a final one telling me it was ready to ship. I highly recommend them for their quality and for their great customer service. I've used VistaPrint for business cards and postcards and I wasn't very impressed with their print quality and their system doesn't work for Mac users.

For buttons, I've been super happy with Busy Beaver, and for stickers I use Sticker Guy. It can take a little while, but the quality is superb and the service is outstanding.

By annabanna2 On 10/30/03  

Monkeyrocker -- I'm interested in the same thing! Someone on the glitter board (can't remember who) had a really good idea of felting cloth and embroidering on it. I tried to embroider on ribbon and promptly lost my mind.

By monkeyrocker On 10/30/03  

This is the link to the US label co. I've been looking at:

I haven't gotten a quote from them and have no idea how much custom logo labels will cost, though their samples are really lovely and I think it will be worth the expense to have more "professional" looking labels.

By spasmodica On 10/30/03  

Oh, I forgot to mention the vendor I use for my woven cloth, sew-on labels (they also carry iron-on labels too). There's a company in Australia called R. Draper & Co. that's really inexpensive.

Their sew-on labels cost only $22.75 for 100, excluding postage. The other reason I like using them is that their labels truly are personalized. You can select from a list of type styles and colors for how you want your text to appear. My only complaint is that their turnaround time takes around a month or so.

By ksue On 10/30/03  

I'm currently getting postcards printed at - they have a really low minimum, and their site is THE BEST designed printing site I've seen (and I did a lot of research). I'll post again when I receive my cards, but... I have to say, a real person called me this AM because he was concerned over the quality of my graphics, and told me what might have gone wrong, suggested what to correct, and sent me a link to upload the corrected file. Then I had a proof faxed (which he corrected for darkness as yesterday's was too dark) within about 1/2 hour!

If the postcards are as good as the website and service, they will get my vote!


By bammie On 10/30/03  

ah yes! postcards, stickers -- this was the type of info I was looking for over at crafster!

Thanks so much!

By Snufkin On 10/30/03  

Great suggestions! The other one which I've used and gets mentioned alot is Vista Print ( You can get basic business cards from them for about $9 an order.

By pomly On 10/30/03  

best deal I've found on business cards->

I've ordered from them a few times and they look good.

By lilyblue On 11/01/03  

here is another site for buttons:

By KittenCndy On 11/02/03  

I know bigger krissy had a great source for custom pencils. Could you post the site?

By biggerkrissy On 11/02/03  

i just checked and the site is down right now. i know the guy was not sure if he was going to stay open. i'll check again in a few days and post if it comes back up (could just be temporary).

By lilyblue On 02/15/04  

*hip check*

By ksue On 02/15/04  

I'd love a pencil recommendation too :)


By divasteph On 02/19/04  

plain mabel i really like your cards is that who did the ones you sent?

because i liked my cards from vista print but i got 250 for $32 --- and that seems like a way better deal - especially because i love your cards!


By plainmabel On 02/19/04  

Thanks! Overnight Prints did everything I'm currently using -- biz cards AND postcards (they just added postcard printing recently and it's much cheaper than my previous favorite, Modern Postcard, and just as good).

By bammie On 02/19/04  

>>; Decent work (full color just one one side), got a few duds, but I got 1000 for $40 so I can't complain too much.<<

did you get an introductory offer, because when I looked around that web site it said 1000 for $99.95 or was I missing something?

By plainmabel On 02/19/04  

That's the postcard price, 1000/$99.95. The business cards are 1000/$39.95.>

By ksue On 02/21/04  

Pencils anyone?? ;)


By noodletherapy On 02/25/04  

i just got a sample packet in the mail from, and the quality is excellent. i do believe i'm going to use them as my propaganda-making machine.

i want to be as environmentally conscious as possible, though, so if anyone has recommendations on a similar company that uses recycled paper in their printing, pls inform.

By bammie On 02/25/04  

d'oh, I missed the biz card mention in your post, thanks for clarifying.

By divasteph On 03/10/04  

a friend just recommended jax printing

she said her stuff came out great ---

does anyone else have sticker recommendations?

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