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By ChinaDoll On 10/08/03  

*Please no anti war comments*

Ok, here's the problem. Dad's unit is going to Bosnia in January. (Note, Bosnia is a Clintonesque conflict)

Dad's not going because they were in a car wreck sometime after mine.

But a good friend of ours from the unit is.

I want to make them both very warm hats -- the wool that the Military uses is really icky and scratchy and smells a lil weird. (Then again most army issue stuff has that same distinct aroma) Dad likes a good stocking cap and I have a design I use that he adores. The Major (as we call him affectionately, he's Dad's blood brother) is very cold blooded so to speak -- he was in a wreck and has lots of metal from surgery in his body and when the metal gets cold it doesn't get warm quickly. His wife calls him winter bear (Cause when he gets cold he gets grumpy like a bear in winter).

Anyway, I want to make a ski mask for him that semimatches Dad's hat -- both will be of a nice merino with perhaps a bit of silk. But we want to make sure the guys are toasty and feel loved while they do their duty.

So does anyone know where I can find a ski mask pattern?


By DeborahM On 10/08/03  

Talking about knitting or? Not sure about that but a good sewing pattern is by Green Pepper,for fleece I believe.

By minipurl On 10/08/03  


Hope these get you started... unfortunately, I haven't tried any of them yet, so I can't vouch for quality.

Good luck - post a picture when you're done!

ETA: Would you mind sharing the stocking cap pattern? If your dad gives it rave reviews, it may have Christmas potential for my dad and father-in-law... besides, I'm always game for a new pattern!

By ChinaDoll On 10/09/03

I designed this last year and my Dad has worn it and worn it.

He loves it and is very particular about comfy -- I'll make him one out of some nice soft merino.

The helmet pattern is JUST what I was looking for, thanks.

MY great Grandma used to make them for the guys all the time - but she doesn't use a pattern anymore. And I don't know where hers would be. Is a pity too... I still swipe my brothers' hats for outdoor chores.

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