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By redpixiegrrl On 10/02/03  

I'm helping a fellow childless and single friend plan a mutual friend of ours baby shower. (does that make sense? in other words, we're clueless) We're looking for some cool ideas for the invitations, games, food, entertainment, prizes, etc. Non-cutsey/cheesy stuff. :-)

*It is going to be both men and women
*The mother-to-be runs a cake/cookie/pie baking service on the side, so were too damn intimidated to attempt to make anything in that department
*They did not chose to find out the sex of the baby
*She is a first-time mom
*The shower takes place Nov 2nd

Any help would be oh-so-wonderful!

Thanks thanks thanks in advance!

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By headbunnie On 10/02/03  

my cousins didn't find out the sex either, so we all did yellow and green things...and each present came with a stuffed animal becuase they painted the room and put up a "baby animals" border, so of course they needed animals in it.

let people know on the invitation that they aren't going to find out the sex, and if you choose a theme, let them know - like how we knew to bring a stuffed animal...and also let them know that all the baby supplies are going to be needed - it may sound dorky, but my future mother-in-law bought tons of diapers for her other son's babies before they were born...she'd go with her mom on senior discount days with coupons and stock up...the first few sizes. and tell people who might be broke (like i've been) that a coupon book for babysitting is also nice for new parents - so they can get out everyonce in a while.

on the idea of daily baby supplies, i went to a wedding shower that had a wishing well type thing that everyone was asked to bring household items for the set up of the couples new dish soap, broom, paper you could go through the baby isle at the grocery and give out ideas along those lines on what people could bring.

hope this helps

By invisilurker On 10/02/03  

You could still make a cake...just because the lady makes cakes all the time doesn't mean she's automatically going to look down on yours.

On the invites, as was said before, make it clear that they don't know the sex yet. If they have a want list of stuff from Target or whatever, include the store and the info people need to acess it.
I would think that blue would be fine for a girl that way they aren't limited to two colors.
The invites, you could just get some nice blank cards and fill them out that way.
Games...I can't be of much help. I haven't ever been to a shower where there weren't really stupid lame games like Guess How Big Aroung the Pregnant lady is, with string! You could just hand everyone a piece of paper with a number on it when they walk in the door, and randomly draw numbers for prizes or something. Money trees are good too, but it depends on the crowd..some people get offended if they have to get a present, and then there is a money tree too. Not that everyone HAS to put money on it.
I'd have little sandwiches, chips with dip, soda, water, maybe even pizza?, veggies with dip, cupcakes/cake. Maybe even have an actual lunch served instead, like soup and bread if it's not a huge crowd. Or a BBQ even. Not that I'm trying to make it stressful, but it'd be cool if it were more of a get together than a typical boring baby shower. If you make sandwiches, have it so people can make thier own...cuz some people are picky and hate mayonaisse/any condiments at all. People get bored fast and kinda antsy if there aren't any snacks out.
Have each mother/father there write a bit of advice, or good wishes for the baby in a journal.

For decorations, I'd just get a nice banner that says "Congradulations so and so [both the mom and dads names]" on it in any non-pastel color there is. Get some normal colored balloons. Make sure there are comfy chairs! Good Luck!

By schnitzle On 10/03/03  

An interesting and non-cheesy (at least to me) baby shower I once attended was themed around the 5 senses. The invitation requested that each guest bring something for the parents or baby that appealed to one of the 5 senses. I thought this really was good for people like myself who don't have a lot of cash. A person could make a mixed CD of soothing music (sound) or make some kind of artwork for the baby's room etc.

Games are always tough. Maybe some word game would be fun, and not to "baby showerish" ;)

By sillyp On 10/03/03  

Look, everyone always says they don't want a cheesy shower--well, who does want a cheesy shower?

Games are fun at a shower--and if you can get the people to warm up to them, it can be very funny. The one that always works as an ice-breaker is handing out necklaces to everyone as they arrive. They can be pink and blue ribbons with little diaper pins on them, or if you want to be less cheesy, I don't know, you think of something. Shrinky dinks maybe. Anyway, the object of the game is to collect as many of the other people's necklaces as you can. You can take someone else's necklace if you catch them saying "cute" or "baby" or some other predetermined word. You wouldn't believe how often people use these words at showers.

It's actually fun, if your guests can get into it, and, while cheesy, most women only have one shower in their whole lives, so why not? At least your friend will know that you care.

If you really want a cheesy idea, I can let you know how to decorate individual Twinkies to look like babies...but maybe you don't want to know...

By gadgetgirl On 10/03/03  

I don't know what to tell you to do but you have to get her one of these>

By Jesser On 10/05/03  

You might try MarthaStewartOnline. She sometimes has some creative ideas ... and if they're too cheesy, you can usually adapt.

By redpixiegrrl On 10/05/03  

I love dookiewear! LOL

Thanks for all the ideas, everyone!

By Dawnish_One On 10/06/03  

Someone up above said to have the guests who are currently parents write down suggestions, stories, etc. to the new parents-to-be. Actucally, you can include inside your invites to have them bring the thought in, already written down. Then, find someone who has nice handwriting and have them write out all the stories in a nice, blank journal. Arrange the thoughts so that similair ones are together, and maybe even leave a blank space for the new parents to write out their own experience on the subject. And don't forget to include the name of the suggestor with the suggestion!

By schnitzle On 10/06/03  

Oh instead of games you could have people create one of a kind onesies with fabric pens etc. perfect if it's a crafy crowd :)

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