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By surfmomjo On 09/03/03  

I'd like to mount a sand dollar as a gift for Grandma. I want to include that Christian sand dollar poem and my little boys' handprints. Maybe I'll make it look like the sand dollar is in the hands? Any ideas?


By DeborahM On 09/03/03  

What will you mount the sand dollar to?The adhesive will depend largly on that!I think a shadow box would be lovely!

By surfmomjo On 09/03/03  

Maybe a shadow box would be a good idea! So how do I make a shadow box?


By invisilurker On 09/03/03  

You could probably do a Google for Shadow Box Making...
just a thought.

By ookpik On 09/03/03  

sand dollars are really fragile-- it might be safer to mount the sand dollar with a bracket rather than glue. i've seen a lot of sand dollars just break off from their glue spots and end up destroyed.

maybe sew an X over it with clear nylon thread, or make an indentation in foam or clay to hold it?

By DeborahM On 09/04/03  

Basicaly it's a deep picture frame,so you can have 3D art.
You can find them at most craft stores or frame shops.
I might add some fine grain sand,mount the poem to the back/flat surface,glue or bracket on the sand dollar in the center or bottom and then put your boys hand prints where you will.

By teagrrl On 09/05/03  

This is probably a dumb question, but what is a sand dollar?

/confused eurogirl

By caropop On 09/05/03  

Basically, sand dollars are the skeletal structure of a sea creature--a type of urchin-y thing with spines.

The skeletal bit washes up on the beach and looks like these:

I guess they're called sand dollars because they are approximately the size of the US dollar coin. (?)

It's a fun thing to find as a kid at the beach.

By teagrrl On 09/07/03  

Thanks. :-)

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