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By born lippy On 08/12/03  

Has anyone ever made a beer can table? I'm going to make one with my dad's beer can collection. but i'm worried about smashing into it with my vacuum cleaner or something and ruining it. my bf suggested covering the whole cube in plexiglass. i vaguely remember an episode of trading spaces where they made a plexiglass box. they used some kind of glue to put the pieces together. any one have any experience with either plexiglass or beer can tables?

love me.

By Polesmoker69 On 08/12/03  

what if you filled all the cans up with cement, that way they wouldnt crash or dent?

By ad_ho On 08/12/03  

or plaster of paris- it's lighter.
I have not heard of beer table, so I am quite interetsed to know how it turns out and what you do.

By pomly On 08/12/03  

maybe you can cut the tops and bottoms of the cans off and then cut then down the side and lay them flat and decorate with flat tins. You may not want to cut them though... just an idea.

By beeosh On 08/12/03  

i saw a coffee table made out of beer cans in a really old library book... i can't remember how the cans were stuck together... would silicon glue work or would you have to use epoxy?

here's a lamp to go with your table:>

By caropop On 08/12/03  

Cans are funny things--when they are even just slightly damaged, they will crumble like paper. When they are not damaged, they are incredibly strong--you can stand on a can with no side dents and it will hold you.

So, think about what happens when a bunch of cans are glued together.

I know guys in college who built not only a coffee table, but also arm chairs out of beer cans--not the most comfortable things, but strong as heck.

There would be the chance of damage from something like a vacuum cleaner, or hitting the corner, but the table would also be light enough to easily move out of the way when it's vacuum time.

As for glue for plexi--I'm not sure exactly what it's called, but what you're looking for is a glue espeically for plastics that bonds the pieces together--i.e. it actually melts the plastic/plexi pieces into each other where the glue hits them. Any hobby shop should be able to sell you some.

By born lippy On 08/12/03  

thanks caropop!

i'll look for that glue!

By bammie On 08/12/03  

too funny, I'm reading through these posts and I recognize my web site! thanks, beeosh, for plugging my site!

my brother suggested I fill the cans with foam or caulk, but I don't remember exactly what kind he said :(

By honbunny81 On 08/12/03  

there is always plastic welding...its really easy if you have the equipment and it looks really nice cuz its like a seam. My college has a metal shop and that's where I learned about it. They never charge me for anything. I just go on saturday mornings when nobody is around. I made a small box once, but I gave it to an ex. It was easy though, and the bonding is super strong.

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