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By lilyblue On 08/04/03  

Last year there was a post on creating your own personal planner. Since that thread was lost, I think I would like to start up that topic again.

I am making mine and I know that I will put in these categories:


What else would you put in your planner?

By ica On 08/04/03  

Seeing as i'm new i've never seen that thread.....anybody care to fill me in?
ica xxx

By lilyblue On 08/04/03  

The thread was started by Dawn. She had created her own planner and we were discussing what categories we would put into our own planners. It got lost in the thread purge earlier this year.

By headbunnie On 08/04/03  

a section for list making/notes is essential to me (since i don't have a planner right now, i carry my "paper brain" every where - it's a 3x5" notebook that i can jot anything in and now i don't forget so many great ideas)

By aileen On 08/04/03  

speaking of planners,

i was flipping through 'martha stewart living' a few months ago and saw a section on creating some very useful things out of faux leather -- planners, checkbook covers, etc etc..

they looked so nice and i now regret not buying that magazine..

anyhow, i would def like to make my own planner..

anyone know what i'm talking about?? can anyone help me out?

oh and you can add 'expenses', 'pictures', 'to do', 'shopping lists'... its goes on and on.. (:

By mqp12 On 08/04/03  

The new school year is starting up again too soon for me to make myself a planner, but if I could have my own planner, it would have things like:
Homework lists on every weekday
inspiration and idea list
would have holes for a three ring binder
an attached pencil case
mult. tables,tipping chart, etc.
Hmm...perhaps I should just invest in a palm pilot...

By DeborahM On 08/04/03  

Sketch pad with lines next to it so I could write the supplies I'd need for that project and also how much the project costed at the compleation(yeah,well,if I ever got around to making it!).Kinda like a "I could so make that" page.

By lilyblue On 08/04/03  

I plan on adding the schedule for my favorite team to my planner.

By mr_lady On 08/17/03  

aileen - were you thinking of this? -

By Dawn On 08/04/03  

lilyblue: I saved part of that original thread on my computer. It's a text document. I could try to paste it here maybe just e-mail it to you, if you want. I can't find my pics of my planner, though. I must have deleted them by mistake. I'm planning a big dayplanner article for the Nov/Dec update on my website, though. I know that sounds far away, but it'll give you something to look forward to. :o)

I'm still using the planner I made everyday. One thing I've found that works well for me is to let my "forms" be very casual and basic. For example, address book pages can simply be blank pages with a letter of the alphabet on them. That allows me enough room to put everything I want under a person's name. Plus, when I get mail, I can just tear the sender's address part off of the envelope and tape it on the right address page. I do the same with business cards - just tape them right onto the page. I don't really bother with creating too many lists or forms on the computer anymore.


By Figwit On 08/04/03  

I have the post! I've offered this before, but if anyone emails me, I can email them the entire.....long, grueling thread, but it's far too long to post on here :) (sorry if i don't send it for a couple days, i've been sick :()

By bloomeenee On 08/14/03  

Thanks for the thread Figwit!

I wanted a smallish planner to carry around in my handbag everyday, so I'm experimenting with cutting down an old ringbinder to hold A6 paper....

Fingers crossed it'll work!

By naturallysteph On 08/04/03  

Hee hee! I saved the post, too. I was so impressed with Dawn's planner. Simply amazing.

Unfortunately, I'm still trying to put mine together. I have a few weeks off right now, so perhaps this post is a sign for me to finish it! I have one of those tiny binders from Office Max, plus the tiny dividers that go with it. There are five divided sections. I'm planning on seperating it into: calendar, craft ideas, health, website, & lists (I love making lists, plus it would be practical--Target list, grocery list, library list, etc.). I'd also like to make a little zippered pouch to keep a pen & some business cards in. I've been wanting an excuse to buy a grommet tool, so maybe this is my chance!


By sprung On 08/05/03  

I loved that thread -- I wish long ones like that would be kept around, and all of the 1 or 2 post threads be purged.

Basically, many of us started out with 7" x 9" binders and printed out our own 1/2 sheets for our planners.

I have pictures of a lot of my pages and descriptions for planner sheets:

By lilyblue On 08/05/03  

thank you everyone who responded.

Dawn, I can't wait to see your post in November. Keep us updated please.

By lucky_Lally On 08/06/03  

I got the planner email and made my own today
note: office depot was worthless WALMART is where its at! I had a small planner that I just took apart and put in first so I didnt have to re write any dates that way the actual dates stand out and then i made all the extras here is some stuff I have that hasnt been mentioned (I dont think)
a spot for that one cd you cant get along without this week

my phone list is less alaphabetical as it is chronilogical(kinda) like all the people from work have their own page and school friends and study buddies etc.

I am a senior in HS so I have a college secyion of application notes and scholarship stuff

I am one of those people who go to malls and say "i can make that" but I always forget so I have a spot to write down everything about the item including company,name,size color,etc so I can see if I can find it online later

I also am in constant search for knowledge so I do alot of research so I have a "to look up " list

I have a vacation section because Im always planning those

I print out my favorite bands tour schedule so I can plan secret pearl jam getaways

I dont know if it was this post or another that suggested you put a local map in there so you can at least ask for help with an idea of where you are

I covered it all with some finky decoratot fabric and I really like it

By Dawn On 08/07/03  

Here's an idea for people who are trying to make the transition to veganism:

Have a section in your planner for vegan info

* Lists of companies/products that don't test on animals or use animal-based ingredients; this would come in handy when you make a quick run to Target, etc.

* Recipes for vegan lipglosses and household cleaners

* List of ingredients to avoid, as well as alternatives (again, this comes in handy while shopping)

* Lists of restaurants that have food you can eat

* Inspiration - yours and other people's words about living a more compassionate lifestyle; you could have these to read to remind yourself of what you're trying to do

Really, all of these ideas would work for any lifestyle change you are trying to make.


By Arystocrat On 08/07/03  


I'm planning on making my day planner for next year too. Mine usually ends up being my Life Guidebook. I tape in my movie and concert ticket stubs and programs from plays, etc.

Things I'm planning to have in mine:

contact lists
Movie list (complete with space to write in if it's just a rental or a purchase)
Book list
Music list
Idea section
a space to budget my bills on my paydays

I'm also going to make sure I have a calendar that shows the whole month as well as a full year for 2005. We plan things so far in advance at work that I need it.

So happy this thread got started!


By ica On 08/07/03  

Call me silly, but how exactly do you fo about making your own planner? I have loads of spare time at the mo and id love to make somthing that will actually be useful to me at uni next year!

By lilyblue On 08/07/03  

Figwit, thanks for the email.

By KittenCndy On 08/08/03  

I had a Palm Pilot but the stupid thing died on me. Instead of spending another $250 I want to make a planner too. What Ill have in mine is..

calender / week month and year
shopping list
craft page with ideas and supplies needed
To do list

Since Im trying to live healthier....
workout journal
food journal
list of fast food nutrition info

Damn I wish I could get another Palm but Im afriad it'll break again!

By lilyblue On 08/08/03  

KittenCndy, the fast food nutrition info is a good idea.

By aelin On 08/16/03  

where was that place where everyone got their inspiration from, that site with the "home organizer" thing and stuff? i wanted to steal their pages :) i dunno if anyone has any clue as to what i'm talking about, but ehhh, if someone does, then great! :D

By luci_mama On 08/16/03  

Thanks to my computer-geek husband, I could pitch my old paper planner, and now I live and die by my Palm.

But before he became my husband, I was QUITE attached to my little binder. Here's what worked for me:

Office supply stores have those special-sized "memo paper" that's got six tiny holes down the side. I found that size worked great for me, in general. And one day, in a Franklin Planner store (bliss, back then!), I actually purchased a six-hole punch, which transformed my life ... now I could punch ANYTHING and put it in my planner.

Here are a few thoughts:

* Get a small-ish downtown map of your city (or of cities you like to visit but aren't completely familiar with), punch it and put it in. You can usually get these for free at the front desks of nicer hotels. Even if you know your downtown like the back of your hand, you can use the map to show locations to other people.

* Punch pages of lots of different colored paper, and keep them, sorted by color, in a section. Then you can color-code things within any section (like, use red paper in your address book for the address and phone number of someone really hot!), or you can use groups of pages of colors for different purposes, almost like creating sections of their own without dividers, but with color. This is also handy for being able to pull a sheet out and write a note for someone (or yourself) that you're less likely to lose among all the sheafs of white paper you have in your life.

I'd write more, but my toddler is insisting on playing with his hammering toy right behind me right now......

More later.


By monstergirl On 08/17/03  


Do you mean ?

They have a great message board, too (the Home Notebook, or HN for short)


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