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By tribal_night On 07/30/03  

right. so, i like to use junk cd's in crafting all the time, but all i can ever get them to do is break into splintery random shapes. i saw a post from a while ago about using a heat gun which makes it easier to cut basic shapes like squares, which i intend to try later. my question regards more complex shapes: how do i do them? i saw some people once selling suncatchers made out of cds and a lot of them were cut into intricate shapes like circles and even flames around the edge of one (i asked them how they did it and they wouldn't tell me unless i bought one). anyone have any ideas?

By tribal_night On 07/30/03  

bt the by, i've learned that mod podge is bad to use with cds. something in the glue eats through the labels so you see whatever surface the cd is glued to. just a heads up!

By teagrrl On 07/30/03  

What do you use to cut it now? I was thinking maybe a glass cutter would be good, but if that's what you're currently using that might not be very helpful...

Sawing (with a jeweller's saw) might work too, but I've never tried cutting CDs so I can't really say.

By invisilurker On 07/30/03  

Here are some links. One site suggests putting the cd into boiling softens the plastic up some, making it easier to cut.
> She makes neat things with the cd pieces.

By born lippy On 07/30/03  

Ya, i was gonna say heat them in boiling water, or with a lighter. (not a candle because it gets too sooty) and i know that you can drill holes in them w/o them splintering.

love me.

By kittyblack On 07/30/03  

I've never tried this, but I read about getting intricate shapes with CD's (I think it was Expressions magazine maybe??)... they said to heat the CD with a heat gun (like the kind you can buy in the craft store for embossing with rubber stamps) and then quickly press a small, metal cookie cutter into the CD.

It sounds like it would probably work, based on the other links in this thread - sounds like a heated CD may get soft enough.

Good luck and let us know what you try and how it work - I have gobs of AOL CD's that could stand some crafting!
=) Steph>

By tribal_night On 07/31/03  

well, today i tried the process of heating the cd with a heat gun then using scissors to cut it. this works well for square shapes, as the earlier post on the boards states, but it was hell on my hands. a heat gun does make the cd hot enough to *bend* it into a curve or what-have-you; it makes sense that a cookie cutter might work (but where do you find cookie cutters in shapes that small?). tomorrow i'm trying the oven and boiling water ideas...

before i used the scissors i tried an x-acto on the heated cd. it scores it, but not deeply enough to cut through. i've tried a heat knife too (basically an x-acto at the end of a hot stick) but that had the same results.

another idea i just had: heating the cd with the heat gun (or oven, or whatever) then using a big paper punch to cut out a shape. eh? eh?! quick, someone try this, as i don't have any punchs!

By squintydame On 07/31/03  

how 'bout a dremmel? i love mine, it cuts through just about anything.

By beeosh On 07/31/03  

i think there are tiny metal cookie cutters called "aspics"

By Freak Boy On 07/31/03  

I was the person that wrote the h2g2 entry ( I can't say that I've ever actually tried to heat CDs myself - I just included that little tip on cutting CDs from research from very old Glitter postings and other crafty websites. Please don't hold me responsible if your oven breaks because of me!


By tribal_night On 07/31/03  

wonderful article freak boy! i'd never even considred the possibilities coasters provided. ;)

i bet a dremmel would work *great*. but i don't have one! i've drilled simple holes through cds before and that's relatively easy and crack-free, so i'm sure a saw like that would work.

so far my best results have been from using the heat gun. ovens work great for melting records, but it seems almost like a waste of cozy heat for just heating up a piece of cd. the boiling water works just as well as the heat gun for heating up the entire cd all at once, but if you want to cut smaller pieces easily you have to put them back in the water individually.

*sigh* the quest for perfect and easy cd cutting continues...

By kittyblack On 08/01/03  

tribal night - you can get small cookie cutters at the craft store. They always have seasonal ones in the cake deco/candy making section (ie. hearts @Val. Day, pumpkins @ Halloween, etc.) and usually have various ordinary shapes too.

Someone mentioned aspic cutters - those are super tiny. There are also petit four cutters which are a little larger but sometimes have a scalloped edge.
You can also get tiny shape cutters in the polymer clay section.

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