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By velvet On 07/16/03  

Glad I got your attention okay here's the thing, I'm getting married (in a year) and I need some bridesmaid gifts. I want something that wasn't mass produced! Support the small business owner! Damn the bridal industry! I know I won't have the time to make them something fantastic so, glitters with shops, please please post your links so I can browse!

By thesecondmagpie On 07/16/03  

I don't know if I have any thing that would interest you but you could check out my site periodically I will be adding a lot of new products by monday.

By Gnome G On 07/16/03  

I love making gifts for the girls. I still have a lot of updating of my site to do (have not had enough time in the day for the last few weeks, bah!), but you might be able to get an idea from the few things that are already there. Part of my tagline is "not mass manufactured." Plus, I can custom-make things if you have an idea for what you might want but don't see it yet. The shop, as you will see on seeing the site, hasn't officially launched yet, but I have a lot of goodies already made or in process. Email me if you have any questions.

Aside-when I got married last year I didn't have a whole lot of time to craft gifts either, so most of the gifts were purchased, but I did make one gift for my bridesmaids that didn't take too much time--personalized stationery.

Good luck!
Gnome G>http://www.thewalrusandthecarpenter.com

stationery - http://www.monkeygnome.homestead.com/hostesgifts.html

ETA, bully for you for supporting crafty small business. Rock on!!

By luci_mama On 07/16/03  

fyi, walrus&carpenter, your little people/kids link points to petstuff. and your sale stuff is empty -- is that right?

By Gnome G On 07/16/03  

luci mama, Thanks for the info! I did a few cloning and copy-paste moves, so some of the links are not up to date yet. Unfortunately, I haven't had enough time the past few weeks to properly update the site, which is still going through growing pains as it's still in build-up status.

Definitely not in official launch status, as it's not quite ready, as you can see. =}

I will add this to my list of things to update tonight/tomorrow. But I personally am open making stuff for specific requests and/or letting Velvet know that I can try to help out if she wants it.

Thanks so much for the feedback! I've been such a slouch because stuff at the day job's been nuts lately. Must change that soon.

By artzyfartzy On 07/16/03  

aw i know what you mean!...i'm getting married too...and i hate mass produced stuff!

i think that's cool you support small businesses!!!

my site is: http://www.fashioncompassion.com

I also am in the process of designing exclusive wedding favors for hipoli.com? If you haven't found your favors yet -- ?

By Qorama On 07/16/03  

Congratulations! wish you happiness. ^ ^

thats an intersting topic title . . . I have a jewelery site http://liraine.makes.it It's jewelery that is cusomised in color. The site is not finished yet, sorry, but I take orders over email. I don't know if there's anything appropriate for a wedding though. *shrug*

By hiatus On 07/16/03  

yes, congratulations! i sell cigar box purses, change purses, checkbook covers, credit/business card holders Origami style. And would be more then happy to work a discount if you are interested in more then a few.



By im_beat On 07/19/03  

hey there, i make pins/buttons. i think that it would be cute to have a bunch of pins made with your wedding date, photo, or names and such on them. you can give them out as wedding favors or you can find other uses for them. anyways, my site is ----> http://www.pin-and-ink.com

By bammie On 07/20/03  

I make personalized and crystal (or studded) tees, tanks and undies!

I've made plenty of bride-to-be, bachelorette, just married tops as well as ones for bridesmaids!

By Suri01 On 07/21/03  

Hey, I am barely going to start my shop but I can send you an e-mail with some ideas that If you like we can develop for your wedding I think I have a good idea for what you might like. I will e-mail you in the next few days with pictures of the stuff and if you like them we can defenatly work something out. Congratulations on your wedding. :)

By toomuchglue On 07/21/03  

I have an entire part of my business devoted to developing goodie bags for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. I can provide a custom quote of customized handcrafted and mass merchandise items. I have access to wholesale pricing with a retailer's license. I pass these savings along to you. I am armed with a fresh roster of new ideas after having visited the LA Gift Show yesterday. Please check out my website and let me know if I can help you.

Happy Home Designs

By nicegirl512 On 07/21/03  

I make jewelry, which is a perfect bridesmaid gift because then you know they'll have something to match the dress. Also, my motto is that "it's something they really can wear again." Of course, I have no online anything as I have no scanner or digital camera. :( However, I'm going to visit the fam in a few weeks and hope to do a little bit of scanning while I'm there. I use sterling silver or gold filled wire and nice gemstone or glass beads--it's not just a string of beads.

By AesSedai On 07/21/03  

Congrats Velvet!

I make jewelry, custom orders absolutely welcome! I use semi-precious gems and glass beads.
Right now I have:
*Malachite (green)
*Aventurine (green)
*Rose Quartz (pinkish)
*Tigers Eye (brownish)
*Blue Goldstone (navy with copper flecks)
*Goldstone (Brown with copper flecks)
*Peridot (light green)
*White rice pearls
*Green rice pearls
*Amethyst (purple)
*Sodalite (blue)

And also numerous styles of glass beads.

If you'd like to see some examples of my work, you can visit the following website:http://www.villagephotos.com/pubbrowse.asp?selected=269030

I have had many new arrivals in materials since I posted those pictures and many new creations, so that is not representative of my current full range of materials or abilities--- I can do necklaces and bracelets, which are not pictured on my photo website!

My email address is in my profile if you would like to contact me with inquiries!:)

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