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By xthevibratorsx On 06/11/03  

so i just picked up some mod podge, but i was wondering what else i could use it for other than the plain ol collage? any ideas?

By researchasaurus On 06/11/03  

I once rented an apartment that had graphics cut out of old greeting cards mod-podged on the kitchen cabinets. It was cute.

You can do the same to wood furniture, picture frames, sturdy album covers...

By pinkconfetti On 06/11/03  

i've seen long rectangular boxes for sex toys that are covered in sassy, fun collages...

By tattooed isis On 06/12/03  

i use it to make boxes - you can buy really cheap paper mache ones at hobby lobby, then print out images from your computer and collage or whatever.

By pixielily On 06/12/03  

you can use it to stick paper to metal, plastic, glass, china, or pottery, as well as seal it...

decorate: a flowerpot, serving bowl, platter, plate, teapot...if the object is clear glass, decorate the outside/back, with the right side of your paper(s) showing through, paint it, then seal w/ mod podge.

i painted an ugly plastic serving tray black, then mod podged magazine pics of antique teapots, cups, & silverware on it, leaving quite a bit of space between the pictures, then sealed it with 3 or 4 coats of mod podge. it's one of my favorite things now, and cost about 50 cents to do, i think.

i completely covered my ugly old plastic cosmetics case (remember caboodles?) with cut-out pictures of flowers & fairies, then sealed was lovely! i covered a beat up old suitcase with moon & stars tissue paper (mod podge again) and painted all the seams, handles, & hardware w/ gold craft paint...great for storage! the list could go on forever...

really, mod podge will stick paper (& maybe fabric, though i haven't tried it) to just about anything. just go for it. practice on stuff you won't be heartbroken about if you don't like it when you're done. also look at everything at flea markets & yard sales with an eye to the shape of the you like the form, but hate the color, you can always change it!

have fun : )

By xthevibratorsx On 06/13/03  

when doing mod podge, do most of you guys just use it to stick images to the object? or do you also use it to fully seal the object too?

By sofisticatmsft On 06/13/03  

i use it to both stick it on and seal it as well, that way it will stay on better. One idea for mod padge is i decorated my shoes, you know those boring adidaas shoes, and i out little collages in the little stripes, they look way cooler now

By 1bluestar On 06/13/03  

I have a quick question...Can you use mod podge on formica?

By Jesser On 09/24/03  

Tattooed Isis: If you print out stuff from your computer, how do you keep the ink from running??

One of my fave ModPodge projects: Gift Tins. Take old canisters that you get things like French Fried Onions, or Cocoa or Corn Meal in and peel off the label then decoupage them with tissue papers, or whatever, and then you can use them to give people gifts in ... or store bath salts, or whatever.

My site has instructions and pictures: >

I also covered an ugly CD holder (big, grey, plastic) with tissue paper in various colors and it looks a helluva lot better now.

Any time I use mod-podge, my last step is to take the object out to the parking lot and give it a good coat of Krylon varnish or clear sealer or whatever. It makes it feel nice and smooth and you can even spill water on the object with no bad stuff happening! :)

By tattooed isis On 09/26/03  

i let the image sit for a couple hours, but haven't really had too many problems with running. you can buy waterproof ink for some printers now, too. thanks for the tip on the varnish, i've never done that before and it's a GREAT idea!
how many coats do you usually use, and do you sand in between? what kind of brush do you use? i tend to get pretty noticeable brush strokes and it drives me CRAZY!!!!

By silvertiger On 09/06/03  

So would mod podge work well for altered books?

By Luckychaun On 09/06/03  

In my experience, mod podge always turns out super tacky, or if the humidity is high one day, boxes will get permanently glued together, and anything on top of the mod podged things will get stuck to it.

I would find a good sealer to go over the podge.

You can mix super fine glitter into mod podge until it is almost all glitter, then use that to cover stuff. The glitter will not flake of like it will if you just sprinkle it on wet glue.

By devora On 09/06/03  

The tackiness is why I've been avoiding MP.

What sealer(s) do you use?

By tribal_night On 09/07/03  

you can use mod podge's layering and texture qualities to make a print look like it was hand painted. use either an actual art print (one that didn't cost too much) or perhaps a small greeting card with a picturesque front, glob a lot of mod podge on the top and just use a paint brush to add dimension with strokes that work with the painting. i've seen it done--and done it--and the effect is nice!

By flamgirlant On 09/07/03  

I like to make coasters. Check out Home Depot or any other home improvement store and buy their cheapest, plain white tiles. Decoupage images on the tiles (or tissue paper, or pictures or wrapping paper...etc). I usually use a clear coat like Krylon to seal them. Cut out felt and glue it to the bottom of the tile (or use the little felt circle thingies that are self-adhesive) and voila!! Perfectly customized coasters.

By misshawklet On 09/07/03  

yeah I painted some boxes and mod podged them to seal them, and now the lid kind of gets stuck. What is a good sealer for it?


By craftychicklet On 09/08/03  

Flam- Doesn't the moisture of the glasses pull the images up from the coasters?

You can also,
Decoupage furniture
Clear Plates/Serving Trays
Perfume Bottles

I just heard a tip about things sticking together with MP...(I have not tried it) The woman suggested a small ammount of Pledge (furniture polish) she said it will keep everything from sticking. I may worry about it affecting the 'art.

For sealing I generally use a brucsh on sealer..and personally have a love for MinWax peoducts becuase many of them dry clear...which is not the case with most sealers.

Have fun!

By flamgirlant On 09/09/03  

Nope, never had a problem with the moisture pulling up the images. Just be sure to use a clear coat spray (like Krylon). It'll be in the spray paint section of a Walmart or Home Depot. Give it a nice shiny flat surface - MP tends to show the brush marks (even if using a foam brush)

Another helpful hint: I've found that when working with thin material like tissue paper or napkins that the glue will make it wrinkly - can't get the wrinkles out because material is too thin to flatten. I use a spray adhesive on the tile and carefully place the tissue paper. Glue any embelishments on top of that and seal with a couple coats of clear coat spray.

By DeborahM On 09/10/03  

You can use it on formica.
Just lightly sand it first,then apply your images with the modge podge,let dry 15 min.
Then go over the image with a thin layer,let dry 15min. or more,then another layer until you have about 4-5 layers.Then use a spray sealent or brush on polyurathane to compleatly seal it after the last layer of modge podge has dried 24 hours or more.If you want you can sand inbetween layers of MP.

By colorwhore On 09/12/03  

I made a bulletin board for my little sister's first dorm room. Just a piece of cork from Office Max, covered it with Mod-Podged travel images and then sealed the whole thing over again with the podge. Stuck magnets on the back for the fridge. The pins don't screw up the board so much, and it's still around four years later.

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