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By quichelorraine On 06/09/03  

hey gals,
I know it's the summer but I need help fixing a sweater. I bought a ribbed sweater at the gap last year and to make it look less gap I cut the sleeves. I wore it once when I realized the the sleeves had started dropping little black fuzzies everywhere from the cut ends. I put the sweater aside "to fix later" but never got to it till now. But I have no idea what to do. The weave is very strechy and I don't know how to sew it. I think it would look cute if I could bind it w/ hot pink ribbon but I'm afraid that it wouldn't work because of how the sweater expands and contracts as I put it on and take it off. Please help!
<3 m

By KDtheWubat On 06/09/03  

Could you just zig-zag the edges?

By near n far On 06/10/03  

At some fabric shops you can find satin-looking lingerie elastic. It would be cute sewn on and stretchy.

By researchasaurus On 06/10/03  

You could try double-fold bias tape too, it comes in a lot of colors and will protect the sweater from unraveling further.

There's a link for how to use the tape at the bottom of the page too.

By kwicz On 06/11/03  

You'd just have to gather the ribbon by stretching the sleeve edges as you sewed the ribbon on. Then the sleeve would remain stretchy. Shucks, use wide ribbon and it'll be a ruffle!

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