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By arnie On 06/09/03  

man lately i've been keepin it real by spray painting stuff on tshrits/bag/sides of bridges. i've been using stencils and stencils i make myself ect. any more ideas on ways to diversify? peace sign!

By weezerite On 06/09/03

By monkeyrocker On 06/09/03  

You can make sidewalk spray chalk with water, corn starch and food coloring--just mix it, throw it in a spray bottle and spray away. It's cheaper than spray paint, and you can use it virtually anywhere and spray in broad daylight: since it washes away, y'ain't vandalizing anything.

By ursonate On 06/09/03

not that I advocate the defacing of public or private property. That is against the law after all.

By Brisana581 On 06/09/03  

I'm planning on making a banner for my friends' band out of a old sheet and some spray paint, this gives me some ideas :oP also I just painted a design on a shirt whith of all things nailpolish and it came out awesome and washes well, it just took a couple of washes to get the smell of paint out.

By luci_mama On 06/10/03  

On that sidewalk spray chalk, any ideas on the proportions?

This sounds like something I could do with my kids! (Am I gonna regret this, or what?!)

By beeosh On 06/10/03  

have you seen that new side walk paint in stores? It's really expensive. I think the spray chalk is a great alternative!

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