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By amyadoyzie On 06/08/03  

Okay, somehow I think I have managed to scrounge up enough change to plunk down $150-200 on a used sewing machine. I've been reading this forum and others and a good ol fashoined all-metal machine is what I'm shooting for.

So, now all I need to know is that older model machines have worked for you. The machine that's older than you are and is still running like a champ, I wanna know its make and model.

Girls, help a sista out! I be steppin' up!

By artzyfartzy On 06/08/03  

i have 2 old WHITE machines is an 80's model..and one a 70's.. both work like a champ for me!

*there's no model # on the 80's one ( and my other is stored - sorry - i'd given it to you!)

paid 11.99 for the 80's one -- and the other was given to me~ :) I wouldn't pay more than $60.00 for an old machine...cuz yes!! they are worth it --- but there are wayy too many people who don't want older models or..they don't "feel" their value of worth us crafters do!!!

try estate sales!!

By gingersnaps On 06/08/03  

i have a bernina 810. i think it's from the mid to late 70s. i paid $225 canadian for it. it's lovely.

i bought mine used from a mom & pop sewing machine store.

good luck!

By cochineal On 06/08/03  

I have an Elna Elnita SP that was my mum's first machine and it is absolutely reliable (mid 70s). I don't think it has ever even been serviced.
Swiss made - runs like clockwork ;-P

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