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By seniorsweetie On 06/08/03  

I am making my boy toy a table cloth for his new apartment... I want to wash the fabric though before I sew it so (1) it won't shrink AFTER I sew it and (2) so it doesn't ruin his table if it gets wet. How do I wash it though? Cold, warm or hot? Soap or no soap?

By jess152 On 06/08/03  

If you wash it on warm it will shrink if it's going to. I don't think soap is required to preshrink something, but you can probably go ahead anyway, if you're washing it with other laundry.

By chrisael On 06/08/03  

i usually wash the fabric however i will be washing it once its done. but there is definately merit in washing in warm if the fabric can stand it ok, which yours most likely can being tablecloth fabric. :)

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