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By kumf On 06/06/03  

I was wondering if there was any easy way to make your own lampshade using paper. I don't want to buy one and then apply my own paper, I want to form the shape of the shade using paper somehow. Does anyone know what would be the best method?

By parisinflames On 06/06/03 could make a wire frame...two circles - top and bottom. pieces of wire connecting a crooked something or other....
put the paper on...paper mache...hand-made paper oooh...beads...pretty ones...are we talking standing lamp on hanging one, or wall...?

By chrisael On 06/06/03  

i've made all kinds of lampshades, from scratch and from old parts of cast offs. if this is your very first time, i would suggest buying just the part that supports the shade (whether clip on bulb, or held in place with screw kind), and then making the rest with wire. you can make that part yourself, but for me its been tricky everytime. i use 18 ga. galvanized steel wire, because its what i have here in the house. the last one i made was a hanging triangular fabric shape, and i twisted two wires together for strength.
for paper you'll want a fairly sturdy structure that wont torque as you apply the paper. and i think hot glue would be a good way to attach the paper to the frame unless it is *very* transparent, then you might use a decorative stitch around the edges?
just some thoughts. :)

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