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By queenkat On 06/05/03  

Ok I'm trying to sew a retro skirt by cutting a circle out of fabric (with a smaller circle for the waist inside...
My only problem is that it's really hard to hem (and the fabric I'm using frays)
Also, i dont want to just cut it straight and gather it
SO: How do I hem it, taking the curve of the edge into account? Do i just zig-zag stitch the edge and leave it raw, or is there any trick to making a normal hem that is less visible?
Ok thx to anyone who can help me

By Stinky On 06/06/03  

Much talk about this topic was done in this thread:

By DeborahM On 06/06/03  

Hem tape,or...
Fold leangth (waist to hem) of skirt in half.Mark with pin.
Fold in half the other way.Mark with pin.
(at this point you have four points!)
Treat each of the four sections as a seperate peice.Pin up and iron.Follow for the other sections.You may want to turn this under once again and iron.Then get to sewing...and do by hand-please!A machine hem hangs terrible in a circular skirt!If you must do it by machine,please baste first and go SLOW!

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