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By annabanna2 On 06/05/03  

Hi Ė I'm a knitter (really into doing socks right now!) Iím also desperately trying to keep my sanity until the next book comes I just had a brainwave. Does anyone (or would anyone) have/make a sock design for the socks mentioned in the Harry Potter stories? I recall there were really loud ones made by Dobby and cozy ones wished-for by Dumbledore. Yep Iím a geek, but I donít care! Thereís a basic sock pattern that can be found at the link below, but I was wondering if any creative types out there had cool ideas on motifs that can be worked in an ordinary sock?

here's the link (can be found through afghansforafghans pointing to the red cross site):

By bonnell99 On 06/05/03  

there's a knitting blogger who runs a harry potter site, and a knitting with harry potter site.

Try googling knitting and harry potter. I betcha a ton will pop up.

My guess is that Dobby's socks are more stripey wild than intarsia or fair isle wild. If you already know a basic sock pattern (and if you don't, may I reccomend the book Folk Socks, which tells you how to do at least 5 different types of heels and toes?), you can make up your own pattern!


By annabanna2 On 06/06/03  

Thanks! SOmeone had a really cute one of the snitches & broomsticks socks, and I think I might have to try that!

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