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By misshawklet On 06/04/03  

I just moved to a new apt, and it has a fabulous but unusable white painted fireplace and mantle as the focal point of the room (its a studio). Above and around the fireplace is this ugly wood, and the rest of the room is the same white color. The hole in the fireplace is a piece of plywood covered painted white. I want to see if I can paint the wood a vintage red color, but I do'nt know what to do with the plywood thing, or what to put in front of it! I need some good ideas, please!

By erilii On 06/05/03  

you could try and remove the icky plywood and just put a screen in front of the fireplace, or put something decorative in the grate, like pine cones. or you could stick a heater in it!

By chrisael On 06/05/03  

i saw on one of the many tv shows a really cute idea for inside a false fireplace. they had 3 nice chunky round cream colored candles of different height arranged where the fire would be. it was very simple, yet looked really nice.

By mishymisu On 06/05/03  

I just learned about this process called stencil embossing which i will be using in my house. You can make that crap piece of plywood look like lovely antique carved wood cheaply with some molding paste.

There's a great example in the left hand side here of embossed bathroom cabinets. Classy and stylish (almost modern with the silver paint) at the same time:

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