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By alyssieann On 06/04/03  

I'm redecorating my room this summer and I was wondering if y'all know of any good sites about the subject. I'm willing to pass on some of my knoweledge too: has this paint thing that helps you chose the colors and the palette for your room!

By alyssieann On 06/04/03 ideas? :( Please...?

By t_penrose On 06/04/03  

You may already know about this one, but > is really good.

Hmm...what else do I know of...
I'll be back with some links in a few. :)

*Ed. to add: is Pottery Barn's new catalog for teens. I'm not a teen (and I don't know how old you are either), but I requested a catalog and there are some neat things in it. The products are expensive, being from Pottery Barn, if that's an issue. But you could get ideas, or if you do order you'll know it'll be high quality.
(They don't sell these items online, you have to get a catalog.)

*Ed again:> Megan has good crafty guides on her site, but mostly they are for food and wearables, so I linked you to her links page. There should be some ideas in here.

By t_penrose On 06/04/03  

One more I just remembered:
> has cute switchplates, I think they are pictures of pulp fiction novels or sexy cowgirls, things like that. They sell similar buttons that you could maybe use on pillows or something...

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