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By hushabye On 05/31/03  

So I moved back home until I can find a job, and now Iím trying to get a handle on how to store all my crap. I have a metric shit-ton of old magazines that I use for references a lot. Most of them are bead related, but I have a lot of general crafty and catalogs for inspiration. Some of them are in really bad shape.

What are some good ways to store them? What can I do about the ones with the covers ripped off? Iíve seen those expensive plastic folder thingers that they advertise for storing magazines in, but are they worth the cost? Can I make my own?
Help! Iím going crazy trying to live around these piles of slippery paper!

By grayseed On 05/31/03  

hmm i'm not sure if it's the best way to store them, but i keep mine in a milk crate.

By LuciMama On 05/31/03  

If you get big cereal boxes, you can cut the top off and either part or all of one of the narrow sides to make basically the same thing as the plastic magazine rack thingies you can buy in office supply stores. Then you can cover them in contact paper or whatever you want to do to decorate them.

I think it's helpful to be able to at least minimally sort out your magazines -- by type, for example, or by title -- and put them in separate boxes/holders and store them upright, like on a bookshelf. That way, if the one you want is in the middle of the "stack" so to speak, you don't have to unbury it.

By KattWalk On 06/01/03  

Go to your library to see how they store theirs. most likely it's in some of those stand up bins that you are describing. I think the look of it looks a lot neater than just stacking on a bookshelf.

By artcore ruptor On 06/01/03  

well i have an honest 4 cardboard boxes full of magazines all organized by date as well as a bookshelf full, and i have found that if you dont have over a years worth of magazines that the magazine holders work pretty well, but if you have as many as i do i generally find that organizing on a bookshelf or in easy access storage works the best. i use bookends to keep them standing up, which i got for cheap at a "buy in bulk" store.


By born lippy On 06/02/03  


By researchasaurus On 06/02/03  

Some advice from an archivist for you,

Cardboard is usually full of acid and can discolor your pages. Wood sometimes does a thing called "off-gassing" that can also deteriorate paper. Metal can get rusty if there is any dampness in your storage area. The least of all the evils is plastic.

I have my magazines in upright plastic magazine holders I got at Wal-Mart of all places. They were two for 99 cents. The only downside is that they don't fit some of the odd-sized mags that are out there.

If you decide to cut out pages you like, don't laminate them. The melty stuff in the laminate degrades and sometimes gets all crackly. It is much better to use plastic sleeve protectors and binders.

Good luck,

By hushabye On 06/02/03  

Thank you for all the ideas guys! I've been going through and I think I'll be giving a lot of them away soon, but my bead and design stuff stays.

Any ideas for replacing ripped off covers? I'm super anal about stuff like this-I won't even let people borrow my paperbacks because they might break the spine.

By merete On 06/03/03  

I also use those plastic magazine holders. I had some old in brown plastic, and yesterday I spraypainted them in metallic grey. -They look so much cooler now!

By sillyp On 06/02/03  

I also vouch for the upright plastic magazine holders. Mine are from Staples. Not cheap, but they work quite well and I wasn't looking for a bargain at the time.

One suggestion for general interest magazine storage (like, your Martha Stewarts or Better Homes and Gardens) is to keep them organized by MONTH and not by type of magazine. That way all your Junes are together, all your Novembers, etc. It makes it easier to find good ideas for, say, Halloween, if you have all the Octobers of all your different mags together.

By Ballerina744 On 06/02/03  

What I did with mine was buy a large clear container called "clear stack on wheels" (made by Iris, I think) that rolls right under my bed. Before I stored them, I tore out the Table of Contents from each one and stuck them in a folder, so if I ever need to find something I don't have to pull out all those magazines!

By Dawn32 On 06/03/03  

there's also great containers put out by rubbermade to hold magazines. They have regular size ones and super ones to fit large or odd size magazines. I know they carry these at Container Store. Being that I have a part-time job their (helps with my addiction to my collections to get a discount to this place). These boxes are really great and clear which always helps. They also stack perfectly. I've got these for my gazillion magazines.

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