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By pinkpeppercorn On 05/28/03  

Does anyone know of a way to make a nice clean, fairly small hole in some heavy (handmade) felt? I'm trying to make a bucket shape out of the felt then (hopefully) I'd like to crochet around the edge. A hole-punch isn't working.


By kittyblack On 05/28/03  

Try a leather punch - it looks like a kind of like a big hole punch but it has a wheel covered with sharp edged punching tubes instead of the single blunt prong that a paper punch has.

I bought one for $10 or so in the craft dept at Wal-mart but they have them in the leather working section at Michaels and other craft supply stores.

If you can't find one of those, you could try the eyelet punches in the scrapbooking section at the craft store (those should be easy to find since that's all the range right now). They work on the same principle as the leather punch (although they are just a single sharp metal tube) and are fairly inexpensive.

By plainmabel On 05/28/03  

If you have an eyelet/grommet plier, that might do the trick.

Edited: Oops -- posted at the same time as kittyblack!

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