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By kategirl On 05/02/03  

I just thought I'd share this with you guys; Klutz's making puffy stars!

(but we're cool enough to not need a kit to make them!)

By sincerelyme On 05/03/03  

I searched the web for instructions on how to fold them, but found nothing. Do you know a site where I can learn that?
sincerely me

By kategirl On 05/03/03  

I know that a bunch of people around here have make how to's on them, but here's one I had bookmarked:

hope that helps! :)

By heathertea On 05/03/03  

I've tried to make those! I think I might need the klutz book... =D

By kategirl On 05/03/03  

I think part of it is getting nicely sized paper. that's my problem sometimes. actually, I was almost thinking of ordering the refill strips.

By superpowers On 05/05/03  

i usually just buy some paper pre cut from asian stationary shops. you can get really super cute paper, quite cheap, and you get a zillion strips in a packet!
i've gotten ones printed with glow in the dark stars on them, shiny paper, patterned.
i think they are called lucky stars, too.
(i'd never seen them refered to as puffy stars before!!)

By instant glamour On 05/05/03  

my old roomie from college was ethnic chinese Malaysian and she used to fold puffy stars for me when she couldn't sleep. I've been carrying a jar of them around for 12 years because they are so lovely.

By PrincessSquishi On 05/28/03  

Does anyone have any extra tips on making puffy stars? I am going to try my hand at them tomorrow and I am going to try the instructions from the link above....HELP!!! I'm hopeless!

By hiatus On 05/28/03  

If you have any questions or get stuck on any of the steps feel free to email me (the link above is my site)I added more visuals, hopefully making things clearer?! love to here how it goes,

By beeosh On 05/28/03  

You can use a needle or a stick pin to help puff up the stars when you're done folding them. You stick the pin into one of the holes and then that makes it easier to pinch the stars into shape.

By artzyfartzy On 05/28/03 has a diy on puffy stars too..

By MojoMama On 05/31/03  

just spent like 45 minutes trying to make a star with no success. . . so my question is, what size paper strip is easiest to learn with??

By Sugarmatic On 06/02/03  

mojo mama-
i find people have the most success using strips of magazine paper, sliced about a half inch wide.

some adtl tips:
*when you make the initial knot, hold the center of the tiny pentagon, but do not crease its edges
*the tighter you wrap the paper around itself (as you go around the pentagon), the stronger your stars will be.
I guarantee that your tenth attempt will be an improvement on your first.
I would be so happy to help! I've made enough stars to fill a kiddie pool.

By parisinflames On 05/28/03  

ooh, theyre cool, ive never seen them before. they could look good hanging up, ooh and with glow-in-the-dark paint...

By beeosh On 05/28/03  

somebody here used Vellum and attached them to xmas lights.

By Brisana581 On 05/28/03  

haha I make those all the time, one of my fiends from China taught me how to make them a long time ago. I have old glass coke bottles filled with them, and I always make one out of the wrapper from a straw when I'm at a resturant and people are always amazed, but It's really easy to do, you just have to practice.

By BubbleDragon On 05/29/03  

parisinflames - they actually make paper that glows in the dark for these things! I prefer to buy the precut paper, that way I can just grab it. It's usually pretty cheap. One good place is and another is I think. :o)


By Polly Wood On 05/29/03  

Oh no... they really are addictive. I made about 35 out on magazine strips last night while watching a movie. Other than mobiles, has anyone made anything else out of them? Jewelery? Sculpture?

By beeosh On 05/29/03  

I have made really teeny tiny ones... I've strung them together and tied them around packages. Yes, you can make earrings out of them and bracelets and necklaces... I've used metallic paper with great results. You can varnish them to make them more durable.
I've strung long chains of them with little balls of colored candy foil in between to make a xmas tree garland.
You can also fold them out of larger strips of paper to make xmas tree ornaments.

By faerie_eyez On 05/29/03  

Ok, WTH am I DOING? I can't figure these out to save myself! I've tried to different DIY's, and they just smash, or fall apart. HELP! Also, how do those ones in the pics look all smooth and pretty? When my smashed ones are "done" you can see all the folds. Thanks!

By beeosh On 05/30/03  

use thicker glossy magazine paper! I've been making some out of the yellow margin strips on the cover of National Geographic!

By mango On 05/30/03  

i've made a couple, but i can only make them look decent by wrapping the star in tape before i puff the star out. It works, though.

By sugarsweet On 05/30/03  

its hard to make at first but all you have to do is practice! you'll get the hang of it!...after you make a couple, you'll be able to make them in your sleep! lol its real simple...just practice

By faerie_eyez On 06/05/03  

Ohmigwad thanks for the tape idea! I finally made one that doesn't squash! It doesn't look too great either, but it's holding together at least!

By dragynf1ye On 05/31/03

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