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By Zanni On 10/24/02  

I've been making alot of little purses lately but I have a problem getting them sturdy enough. The one I just made is about a 6inch square purse,with about a 1 inch wide bottom and sides. When I put stuff in the purse it kinda folds up on itself. What do you guys use to make yours stronger?
Thanks in advance

By lizzymahoney On 10/24/02  

You can line them with lots of stuff, like vinyl or interfacing or poly satin. That may help.

If you line it with something that doesn't add much substance, you can use thin sheets of cardboard or plastic. Think notebook or document covers for potential plastic stiffeners. Cardboard backs to pads of paper, or tag folders, too. These can be slipped inbetween two fabric sides, like a calico liner and a soft denim outer shell.

Some purse designs do well with just a stiffer bottom. So I've made some circle purses where I have three pieces of denim for the base and a soft single layer cylinder for the sides.

If you can turn your little treasures inside out, try fitting a liner of interfacing to it. Iron on could be tricky at this stage, but I've done that too. Just be careful it doesnt distort the outer shell at seams and such.

By Zanni On 10/24/02  

Hmmm I'll try some of those. I've done a purse before with a cardboard insert from an old cereal box and it was just too bulky and clunky. I will try though the heavier bottom idea,that would probably work for what I want. I just bought a big vinyl tablecloth for making stuf with and I might try lining on with that.

By DeborahM On 10/24/02  

Ive made purses too that I want to make stiffer, why wouldn't a heavy iron-on and sew interfacing work between the lining and shell?I wanna make bigger totes too.What would be good for that
*not stlealing thread, repeating the Q!*
Good question Zanni!

By sillysarasue On 10/24/02  

This might sound weird but if you need that kind of cardboard, you should try your local comic book store. It is a slight bit thicker than a cereal box, but it does work as a flat bottom. Comic book day is wednesday, and they always get a lot of flat pieces of cardboard with their shipment.

By costumekitten On 10/24/02  

for all of my purses i usually use a fusible fleece interfacing (because i use a lightweight fabric shell and lining) and then use that plastic needlepoint canvas (with the little squares) as a base. i sell my purses, and they seem to hold up really well like that. havent had any complaints from the customers. anyway, good luck!!!

oh, i used that method for tote type purses too.


By Zanni On 10/24/02  

Thanks for the tips everyone =) I just made another purse today and just folded up a piece of fabric so it was pretty thick and sewed that in on top of the bottom. I think next time I will try a different way though cause it's stil pretty flimsy. Thanks again everyone =)

**Edited to say:damn you angelfire! I was gonna put links in here to my pic but they wont let you see them. I'll have them up on my site soon. My site is

By DeborahM On 10/24/02  

I love the pink one!Did you do the embrodry?
What's wrong with the tin?I think it's adorable!

By x LoLa x On 10/24/02  

i cut up and re-use old plastic signs to add structure on the bottom - and they won't get soggy like cardboard. they also sell stuff at the sewing stores called nylon backbone that works really well for the mouth of the bags. it's encased in fabric so it's easy to sew in.
good luck!!

By Zanni On 10/24/02  

Thanks Deb M =)
Yes,I did the embroidery myself =) It turned out alot better than anticipated,dontcha love it when that happens? lol
When I made the tin I didn't pay attention to which way I put the cherries on top. So when I open it so I can get into it and close it again,the cherries are upside down to me. But atleast the people in front of me can see my cute lil tin,lol. I can't wait to get more tins so I can make more!
Lola,that nylon backbone stuff might work for me too! I'll look into that. Thats one part of my purses that are pretty weak.

By collect On 10/25/02  

i usually use interfacing, the thickest iron on kind and also do a double layer of interfacing on the bottom: it makes the whole bag stand up more.

By Zanni On 10/25/02  

How does interfacing work? Do I put it between two peices of material or just on the inside of the purse on the back of the fabric? What's the best kind to use?
Thanks =)

By artchick On 10/25/02  

you can use heavy weight iron-on interfacing for small bags or where you want medium stiffness- but i use plastic embroidery canvas - the old lady yarn embroidery stuff-- to stiffen my totes- especially the bottoms- it's really cheap, and won't fold or break down like cardboard- cut it to size to fit between the bag sides and the lining.

By Zanni On 10/25/02  

I'll defintly try the plastic canvas. I'm sure I could find that pretty cheap around here. Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone =)
*hugs ya'll*

By jmesdiylounge On 11/13/02  

I Buy this Interfacing from Wal-mart and Joann's it is the Heavy Duty Interfacing. It works nice to sew in the middle of the Inside and OUtside of your Purses. And you can sew on it. and It's 100% washable!


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