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By Oh_Donna On 09/25/02  

Hi everybody,

This morning I spoke with the hiring manager at Lane Bryant and upon reviewing my application she, the manager, decided to invite me in for a 'talk' tommrrow afternoon. Now i dont know what she's getting at with this 'talk' but I'm treating it as though it were an all out interview. I really want this job for many reasons and i want to impress her much. So if you have any advice on what to say or not to say or if you have worked for Lane Bryant or had and interview with them, tell me about your hiring experience and/or your interview experience with them. All help is needed ASAP!!! and much appreciated.


By heathertea On 09/25/02  

I have no expierience to share really, I haven't even had a job interview in over a year... but good luck!!! Hope you get the job. =)

By khimegirl On 09/25/02  

I interviewed with Lane Bryant a few months ago for a part-time position and I'll share what I can remember with you. I felt that my interview went well but unfortunately, they really let me down (kept telling me they were checking my references and that no one was calling them back - in reality, they didn't check at all). But back to the important stuff...

She asked me questions from a form so there is a standard procedure (no out of left field questions). She made a point of asking me what I knew about the company (they are now owned by Charming Shoppes and not The Limited), what their philosophy was (not generating revenue but making the customer feel empowered/good about herself), and what I would/should do in a loss prevention situation (approach the customer and ask them if they'd like a room started or need help finding a size). I was asked about a challenging situation and how I handled it and an example of when I gave really great service.

I was told that employees should wear the latest LB fashions as much as possible and the regular discount (15%?) and once a month special discount day (40%?) were for that purpose. You may wear a non-LB garment as long as there is something almost identical to it for sale. There are no bare shoulders and no denim jeans.

I was told my pay would be $8.25 an hour (in Columbus, Ohio) because I had previous retail experience (albeit several years ago in a music store). I called once a week for four weeks after my interview and was repeatedly told that they were "checking my references" but my references, with whom I am on excellent speaking terms, said that they never called. I hope that doesn't happen to you. Good luck!

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