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By heathertea On 09/24/02  

On Sunday my boyfriend and I were driving out of Boston, I was driving my manual-transmission car. At one point I reached down to shift and all of a sudden my hand hurt. I hadn't done anything to it, so I was a little surprised. I pressed down on the part of my hand that hurt (on my palm, near the top, under where my ring finger is) and I can feel a tiny little bump under my skin. If I touch it, it hurts.

Since then my entire hand has started aching, though most pain is in my ring finger, especially when I type (I have to sit in front of a computer all day). Now it feels like the bump is a little bigger, though that may be my imagination... but it's still nothing you can see from the outside. Honestly, it feels like there's a small glass bead under my skin moving around in there. It's so gross!

Does anyone have any idea what the hell this could be? Did I, somehow, shift some bones around in my hand?! I would like to make an appointment at the doctor's but I feel so stupid making it since I don't even know what the problem is!

By token On 09/24/02  

I say you almost have to go to the doctor. If it hasn't gotten better after a couple of days, then it probably won't be going away by itself.

I hear that there is fluid in your knuckles, so maybe this is something like a "leak". I'm no doctor, so don't freak out about what I have to say.

Make an appointment!

By danielepea On 09/24/02  

Don't feel stupid. The whole point of doctors even existing is so that THEY can figure out what's wrong with you and then reccomend treatment. I can't say that I have any educated guess as to what's wrong with your hand. Maybe you chipped a bone? But I'm pretty sure that you would have noticed that when it happened. Perhaps a muscle or tendon strain? But again, I have absolutely no medical training so I wouldn't know. You should probably ask some one who does before it gets worse. Hope your hand feels better soon!

By XoeCraft On 09/24/02  

My ex-husband had a bb in his finger. But, you'd probably know if you'd gotten shot by a bb gun.


By BabyFoal On 09/24/02  

my friend had 'ganglions' which sound similar cept they were where her wrist joined the back of her hand. ganglions are little sacs of fluid that grow and hers got so large she had to have them removed with surgery.

i have no idea what yours could be other than perhaps some type of calcium deposit or something.

see your doc as usually things like that can be treated in order to break down the deposit matter.

By moleculegrrl On 09/24/02  

I would say maybe carpal tunnel or what doctors like to call a bible cyst. Pretty much it's a water filled cyst that happens sometimes, and sometimes they really hurt too. It may be sitting on a nerve or something. They're usually harmless. Go to the doctor, just to be sure it's not something else...they see stupider stuff everyday than just someone who wants to know about a cyst in her hand. Im not a licensed md, just studying to be one... :)

good luck.

By gadgetgirl On 09/24/02  

don't feel stupid.
you pay your doctor big bucks to know things like this.
let him/her do his/her job and figure out whats going on with your hand.
you will sleep better knowing whats happening.

By heathertea On 09/24/02  

Thanks for the advice everyone. =) I guess I will make appointment tomorrow with my doctor.

By evilriv On 09/25/02  

that happened to me too!!!!
i was convinced i had cancer, and it hurt and everything. it's a burst vessel or something. it goes away, but i've had it since the spring and it's gone down, but not away. and it doesn't hurt anymore or impair playing violin so i'm ok.

but make an appointment just in case :)


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