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By shuttrrbug On 04/05/01  

ok, first off, i cant spell that word...did i get it right?
i have seen really cool purses and stuff made out of old license plates and soup cans and stuff..anyone have hints on that? and working with thick metal in general...

By kari-star On 04/05/01  

hey - this isn't about crafting, but license plates... in NY be sure you turn in your plates after you cancel your insurance! my license is suspended for 117 days because I asked my bro and he *FORGOT*...
they're real hardnoses around here. didn't even believe my story! you can bet I'm writing a letter to the governor...

but with the new NY plates coming out, there's going to be lots of old plates running around for crafting with!

By appledog On 04/05/01  

my art prof. recently let me borrow this book entitled "the finne art of the tin can". let me tell you, i had no desire to work with metal until i read that book---it's awesome! you can probably check it out in a library or find it in a bookstore, and it will definately help you out.

By alison On 04/05/01  

I'm not sure if this is what you wanted to know, but I will tell it anyway.

My sister makes birdhouses from license plates. She makes the actual house part out of wood and then the roof is an old license plate. Just bent in half. She didn't have to do anything special to the metal expect bend it on her own.

Just a craft using license plates to keep in mind.

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