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By kungfugirl On 09/16/02  

I need help deciding what movie to rent tonight. Any suggestions?

By farce On 09/16/02  

buffalo 66
the misfits
the cats meow
a woman is a woman
the umbrellas of cherbourg
even dwarves start small
the cradle will rock
jesus' son
they shoot horses dont they
barbarella :)

By lunarlather On 09/16/02  

schizopolis is a fav of mine

By shuttrrbug On 09/16/02  

heavenly creatures

By teaglass On 09/16/02  

i second jesus' son. it's rocking.
twin falls idaho.

By aesthetica On 09/16/02  

Buffalo 66 - for sure!
Ghost World
Anybody seen Rubin and Ed?
(out of print, but so awesome!)

By Samuel_Clemens On 09/17/02  

'the four corners of nowhere', if you can find it, written and directed by steve chbosky

By token On 09/17/02  

Reuben and Ed! That movie is SO nutty : "My cat can eat a whole watermelon!" lol! I didn't think anyone else ever watched it.

I also like "How to Get Ahead in Advertising". Quite a zany bit of filmwork there, too.

Basically, thoug, I liked "Pi". It summed up a lot of crazy thoughts I had about chaos theory and math.

By farce On 09/17/02  

rubin and ed is GRRRRRRREAT!
I love it! Best road trip movie ever!

"andy warhol sucks dick"

edited to add thats a quote from the movie... sort of not an attack on andy warhol whom i love bunches.

By Bumble V On 09/17/02  

Billy Jack! Hippies, rednecks, and a lone cowboy...what more do you need!
"I'm going to take this foot and hit you on that side of your face and there ain't nothing you can do about it."
I love it!

By quixotic. On 09/17/02  

i know it's not all that indie, but 'officespace' gets my current vote. last night we were sitting at the bar talking about our meaningless jobs and about the one piece of office equipment we wanted to take out back and pulverize with a bat. (in my case, it's the fax machine with no rollers. you have to stand there and load each individual page as it comes in. if you don't, it beeps. but i digress...)

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