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By favorgrl On 09/16/02  

Oh my, I screwed up the pudding pops. Last Friday I made pudding pops, put them in the freezer and forgot about them. Last night we discovered them and decided to try one. They were horrible. My husband said they tasted like rotting meat (like he's ever eaten rotten meat before) When I bought the pudding I accidently got cook and serve instead of instant so I guess I burnt the pudding. They were really gross, I'm almost afraid to try to make them again. almost.


By token On 09/16/02  

I hate to laugh at your misfortune...but its a pretty funny story. Hehe. My hunny uses Yogurt and fruit blended then poured in a popsicle mold for ours. Its like you can't go wrong!

My favorite: Peaches and Vanilla Yogurt. Yum!

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