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By moon5280 On 09/16/02  

is anyone else as into this stuff as i am? i swear, it's like a cult. they make the best tea i've ever had in this country (US) and they package kick-ass box sets. it gets no better. if you haven't yet, do yourself a favor and check out for some of the best whole leaf tea out there, and it comes in matchboxes......with fortunes! ;) just kinda felt like gushing.

By Stinky On 09/16/02  

I've never ordered from, since I prefer over any other tea any day. They, too, have whole leaf tea. I currently have 17 tins of tea, and I actually ordered more and already drank it. Gotta splurge on tea, can't have any of that scrubby tea dust kind in my tummy =) Tealuxe also tends to have specials and sales, which makes me wonder if does too... (?)

By jessy pie On 09/16/02  

oh, stinky, it is good to hear i am not alone in my love of tealuxe. :) everyone always raves and raves about steep, and yes their packaging IS cool, but i think their tea is mediocre at best. honestly, i didn't enjoy a single flavor i tried out of the whole sampler pack i ordered.

on the other hand, i LOVE tealuxe. i've gotten a couple of flavors i didn't like (the melon white one comes to mind), but almost everything of theirs i've tried is fabulous. and with those 10g sampler bags, it is easy to try a LOT of flavors and still not spend that much money. steep is so e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e.
> is the way to go.


By bunny On 09/16/02  

has anyone had teavana's teas? they have a website ( and they have a stand in my mall. i had one of their rooibos teas the other day and it was delicious!

By token On 09/16/02  

Wow. I was all about the Stash teas. Can anyone compare Stash to the others mentioned here so I don't waste too much money trying something new?

By sobriquet On 09/16/02  

I haven't ordered from this place yet, but it looks pretty good: You get a free 1oz. tea sample with a purchase, how cool is that?

By SassieCass On 09/16/02  

My current fave tea is almond from
They have a great selection of green, white and flavored/fruit teas and really pretty glass teaware.
shipping's really reasonable and you can send $5 discount couplon (free) to your friends from their site.

By monkey_thoughts On 09/16/02  

Great other tea lovers. I always feel odd going into coffee houses with all the mocha soy latte and asking for tea. Only a few actually can make a good cup. My cupboard looks like that scene for Go Fish :p

I have never bought tea online, but I might have to try. There was a great place near my house - Flure de Tea, but I think I was their only customer. Now I go to Cost Plus World Market.

By Bizwitch On 09/16/02  

i'm all about stash, too, but i'll check those other sites out. stash is yummmmmy. i love the orange spice tea with a bit of honey.

oh, and aveda's comforting tea is rockin'. totally rockin'.


By Elf_Chick On 09/16/02  

i get the newsletter but i don't think i've ordered anything.

and i'd love to try aveda's but am afraid it would break my tenuous budget!

i also want to try some white teas; i've sampled the stuff at Origins and have seen that steep has one and some brand at Central Market, but my mother would murder me if i brought another tea into this house! verily iam a tea slut.


By moon5280 On 09/16/02  

yeah, steep has a bunch of specials and sales.......i personally really enjoy their tea, sorry that some of you don't. and i think any place where you can get 100 tea bags for $10 ain't too bad. and they ALWAYS throw in a bunch of free shit with every order. ooooh, presents.

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