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By givmecandie On 09/14/02  

Oooh, I love Halloween! I say you're never too old for trick or treating but I think some of my neighbours disagree. Last year I went with my sister (she's 23) who was dressed as a zebra and when someone said "aren't you a little old for this?" she replied "neeeighhh!" (like a horse that is)

ANYWAY! What are you going to be for Halloween? I'm going to be a pirate again, yaarrg!

By heathertea On 09/14/02  

YAY!!! I love halloween so much, it's always been my favorite holiday, as far back as I can remember. I haven't been trick or treating though since I was a freshman in high school. I'm very tall so even then, when I was 5'9", I looked older than everyone else and just felt stupid. hehe

This year I want to be a 1920s flapper. I've considered making a costume, but I haven't had the money or the time to buy a sewing machine yet so I think I'll be buying again this year. I really wanted to make my boy's costume though, as he wanted to be grover from sesame street. It would be so, so, so cute but I can't seem to find an adult sized sesame st costume for him (and I can't even find any blue shag rug type fabric to make it out of).

By stella On 09/14/02  

last year was the only the second halloween that i haven't trick-or-treated... and it sucked. i'll take getting mocked at every door in town over getting quietly drunk any day of the week. i still get a buttload of candy, too. the other halloween i didn't trick or treat, i went to the Cramps' halloween show in SF, and it rocked my ass. i'd like to do that again...


By monkey_thoughts On 09/14/02  

I cried the first time I decided I was too old to trik-r-treat. But It had to be done.

By caseywyn On 09/14/02  


she replied "neeeighhh!" (like a horse that is)

That mademe LAUGH. I can just see it. That's quite perfect. I'll bet the person who asked didn't know what to do with themselves!

This year, if I can find anyplace to go - I want to go as the Morton's Salt Girl. She's the one on the package - in the little dress with the blonde hair and the umbrella. I thought I'd carry an umbrella with the words "When it rains, it pours" painted on it in the signature typeface. I'm not sure that anyone would "get" it, but... I also considered being the Gloomy Salt Girl, since my hair is black (not blonde) and I have little black dresses (not blue) and it might be easier and/or funnier, but... who knows.
Yaaarg, indeed.

By donna dora On 09/14/02  

how crazy - the mortons salt girl has always been one of my dream costumes. i think her dress is yellow though - and the umbrella is white/purple. also you'd have to hold a giant package of salt upside down the whole night! the reason why i've never done it is i've never found the perfect dress - long sleeve, with a gathered short skirt.

By Astoria On 09/16/02  

I thought she was wearing a yellow rain coat. in a girly style

By guessica On 09/15/02  

i love that salt girl idea. another idea in the same family - the sun maid raising lady...

By joyfulgirl On 09/15/02  

I am going as Dali, with a big mustache and some suspenders. I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to go as Gala. I even told him that I would paint his face as though it was exploding and he could expose at least one breast. Unless we get some elephants with long legs or melty clocks, though, I don't think anyone will know who we are.

By smachel On 09/15/02  

ah, halloween is my favorite holiday too!

i haven't dressed up in a long time though... want to this year, but don't know what i'll be.

what have been some of your favorite costumes?

let's see, my favorite halloweens past have included me being a domino, refrigerator, and she-ra (1st grade).

By caseywyn On 09/15/02  

What would be really excellent would be a few friends going as the Sun Maid Raisin Lady, The Salt Girl, The Land O' Lakes Lady and The Chiquita Banana Lady. Wow - could you imagine? My Mom once went as Carmen Miranda (of fruit hat fame) with my two Aunts, who went as Mae West and a Mannequin - she painted eyes on her eyelids and had tags on all of her clothes!

By Orange-peel On 09/15/02  

I would love it if my sister would agree to dress up as an old granny, and I'd dress up as a grandpa.

By stella On 09/15/02  

oh, it would be TOO fucking cool to go as the version of the Land O' Lakes butter girl where you flip up the box she's holding to show her boobs. does anyone know what i'm talking about? you cut around the bottom anb sides of the butter box she's holding with an X-Acto knife so that it makes a flap that you can fold up and down... then you cut her legs off just below hip level, and trim that piece so that you can glue her kneecaps in the position of breasts. then you can flip the butter box flap up and down to expose her. ooh la la. my mom has had these since i was a little kid, and i love them...


By vespabelle On 09/15/02  

my friend was the morton salt girl a few years ago. The creepy thing was that he (yes he) was the two-dimensional version of the mascot. He had a white painted face with black shadows! Creepy! And he used an oatmeal carton with a blown up copy of a real salt container. However, he did not trail salt whereever he went.

I really want to the the old Miller girl and then have a friend dress as the St. Paulie girl. Unfortunatley, I've got the St. Paulie girl's body, but her costume is just not as cool as he miller girl! I love the the idea of getting a bunch of folks to be all those mascots. (but for the love of pete, don't do a blackface version of Aunt Jemima! If you're white and fat and want to wear a kerchef, be Mrs. Butterworths!)

my favorite costume of all time was when I was a geisha in 5th grade. The still dream about the kimono my mom made me.

I think my daughter will be a butterfly. I haven't decided on my costume. gack, I'm such a geek about halloween.

By meadow On 09/15/02  

ooh i cant wait. i love halloween!
i really want to dress up a boy but i cant decide WHO.
ill prolly go trick o treating with my 8 year old coiusin and come back home and watch scary movies. scary silent movies. the scariest! and eat candy! maybe make some clare crespo stuff.

By Meowsa On 09/15/02  

I'm thinking Orthadonticly challenged vampire for my costume this year since I've got braces and can't affix fangs to my teeth, but still want to be one.

By mystril On 09/15/02  

How about an Evil Tooth Fairy? Walk around with a powerdrill and a bag of sticky candy...


By robotgirl On 09/15/02  

i'm thinking about being buttercup from powerpuff girls, because we are having a halloween event at work and i think that would be an easy costume to move around in, unlike my alien costume, when i pinned tinfoil all over me. plus i already have buttercup hair.

ps i LOVE the evil tooth fairy idea! :)

By Pink Skeleton On 09/15/02  

I'm going to be Batgirl- from the original tv series. Purple sparkly catsuit, purple and yellow cape, cowl, the works. I already have the red hair.
My boyfriend is going as Buddy Holly from the movie Six String Samurai.

I'm 22, he's 30. You're never too old for costumes. Trick-or-treating, however, is no longer appealing to me.

By Orange-peel On 09/16/02  

This thread is making me so excited about Halloween already!!

By Ju7ia On 09/16/02  

two of my friends and I are going as Devo (the group from the 80s). We're going to wear yellow jumpsuits and red flower pot hats.

By sobriquet On 09/16/02  

I'mma be Nikki Sixx. I bought the wig today. :D

By Elf_Chick On 09/16/02  

i probably won't do anything (well maybe go drinking with friends or something), but i am bugging my mom to pull out the halloween box so i can retrieve one item that i want to add to my normal wardrobe: a pirate kerchief headscarf thing. i would wear it every day irl! :)

halloween isn't the same now though. you can't even see the little kids all dressed up b/c now the parents take them to the malls...? and frequently i don't know what characters they're supposed to be anyway...sigh.


By ChinaDoll On 09/16/02  

I found a rather adorable Dog mask today (The Great Pretendears company) at Michael's. I debated it with my Mom (who was shopping with me) and bought it. She's going to help me put together my costume as the Poky Little Puppy's sister.

I bought a natural colored T-shirt and am going to paint it with brown spots, going to do make-up to have a brown patch over my eye, make a tail and mittens (The mittens will only go on for the work party) and use this headband, which has the ears and a long nose. Oh yeah, a red bandanna with bones on it, possibly a puppy collar and some bows on the ears.

We have a party at work and I end up dressing a HUGE crew of residents. Too much fun!

Nai (Who has to get together with a younger resident and figure out how they will top last year's bingo board costume)

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