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By givmecandie On 09/14/02  

They're crackin down on em. I used to use Audiogalaxy, when that died I started using Kazaa, now that's gone too (at least it's not working on my comp) What should I use now?

By monkey_thoughts On 09/14/02  

Kazza's not working???

throwing a temper tantrum

By givmecandie On 09/14/02  

Maybe it's just my computer but I've reinstalled it and it still doesn't work. I'm a napster-lover and I miss it. We need to find some loophole that makes it legal, I'm on the case!

By lindastar On 09/14/02  

i just tried to install kazaa lite and it said the installation files were corrupt. and iw as finally going to bite the bullet and break the law. #$%(*%(#%*

By Orange-peel On 09/14/02  

Kazaa works for me. Have you tried WinMX or Limewire?

By Hipkitty On 09/14/02  

Morpheus? ive heard thats good. i had it for a little while but i had to get rid of it cuz i was d/ling way to much

By sherber On 09/15/02  

winmx works pretty good for me, you've just got to figure out how to use it... like files being available and such.

*sigh* i miss audiogalaxy. they were the best after napster (*double sigh*) died.

oh, you also need to be careful with programs like morpeus and kazaa, they put spyware on your computer and such... meep :/

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