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By starladear On 09/14/02  

I want to pursue a library science degree after I graduate with a B.A. in Literary Studies with minors in history and psychology. I have been looking at schools (which is depressing, they are so expensive!) and I think I will probably end up at the University of Iowa just because it is in state and tuition will be about 1/5th the cost of going somewhere else. Anyway, UI offers an ALA accredited Masters of Arts in Library Science. What is the difference between an MA or an MS in Library science as opposed to just a Masters of Library science??
Or is there any difference at all?

By peppermintsquar On 09/14/02  

I commiserate. Library school is expensive and there is very little departmental assistance for the library schoolers. I'm going to school out of state and going way into debt.

To answer your question, the name of the degree doesn't really matter - as long as the school is ALA accredited. Here at UT Austin, everybody (school librarians, academic librarians, archivists, etc.) earns an MSIS - Master of Science in Information Studies. Some schools offer MLIS, MLS, MIS, etc.

A lot of people got all bent out of shape when they changed the program here from offering an MLIS for library and archives folks and an MSIS for information science folks to an MSIS for everyone. But, in the end, the name of the degree does not matter. Employers just want to see that you have the degree from an ALA accredited school!

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