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By MsPriss On 09/13/02  

Just had to share this with you guys! I posted last week about my house being broken into over Labor Day weekend. Well, it happened AGAIN yesterday, but the creep is behind bars now, thanks to my new heroes.

My landlord owns a car repair shop behind my place, so when I told him about the burglary, he was very concerned. Yesterday afternoon, he heard some banging at my place and stuck his head around the corner. Sure enough, someone was trying to break in again. So he stepped into his office, called 911, then rounded up his crew of mechanics. He sent one mechanic to the front of my house, told two more to wait at each side of the house, then sent another inside to scare the crook. When the crook tried to run out the back door, the mechanics chased him down, tackled him, wrestled with him in the briars, and literally sat on him until the cops arrived!

Those mechanics took an incredible risk going after the crook themselves (thank God he wasn't armed), but even the police admitted he'd have gotten away again without them. They're my heroes now! I'm going to make a big batch of cookies and brownies over the weekend to thank them again Monday morning. :-)

By dre On 09/13/02  

Yay!! I am glad that you have some good people keeping an eye on things. Take care dre

By PL_SausageQueen On 09/13/02  

Oh wow, that's awesome. What a buch of brave and sweet guys. You must make them these cookies and brownies!

By Tigrrrl On 09/13/02  

Woohoo!!! That's fantastic news! Do you think it's the same burglar?

Smooches to your brave mechanics!

By XoeCraft On 09/13/02  

EGAD! Do you live in a really crime-ridden neighborhood? Do YOU think it was the same guy? That's awesome of those mechanics to do that!


By Hipkitty On 09/13/02  

thats cool! what nice guys :)

By ladyjane On 09/13/02  

I'm just still smiling at the thought of them sitting on the guy "He's right here, officer!" :) Yaaaay! Descent people!

I try not to be a "food is love" person, but I expect they'd appreciate baked goods. Or, if you sprung for a bag of bagels and gave 'em a nice breakfast break, they'd love that, too!

Heh, still grinning!

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