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By Hipkitty On 09/13/02  

I know this is a personal question, but do you use tampons or pads? or both? or a keeper? Im just interested in what women think abt it. so can u tell me why, too?
I use tampons cuz when i wear a pad and i feel it, I feel like throwing up. I only use pads for night time.

By Marlana On 09/13/02  

I don't mind personal questions, I'll be first to answer! I wear pads. All the tampons I've used, I've tried a lot of different kinds, have given me a rash. My skin is really sensitive to dyes and fragrances, I can't even use most kinds of bubble baths, lotions, or perfumes. I had thought about getting a keeper a few months ago and just never did and now I don't have the money.

By starxduzt On 09/13/02  

Tampon girl myself....I've thought about a keeper but I'm just not sure about it yet...Anyone have any advice? I hate paying so much $$ for my tampons and how little they work for me usually.

By Ju7ia On 09/13/02  

Tampons - Usually o.b. unless I'm in a bind. SOmetimes I wear a liner with it, but I generally don't wear pads unless I have really bad cramps, which, for some reason, seem to be worsened by tampons.

Sort of on the same topic, what do you do for cramps when you have them bad? When I've taken aleve, and drunk hot tea and water and still feel like throwing up from the pain (these bad ones usually hit me in the middle of the night between the first and second day, and keep me up all night). I block out all the light from the street outside my windows with black sheets, or if I don't feel like doing that, I just put a sleep mask on. I heat up a rice sock in the microwave and put thaton top of my teddy bear and put those 2 under my abdomen while I lie on my stomach. The pressure and heat of lying on the bear/sock plus the aleve seem to at least mitigate the pain enough to let me fall asleep. What do you do?

By Hipkitty On 09/13/02  

My cramps make me cry, n they always are on the first three days... I use nurofen, but it doesnt work, n i have no idea what else to use so i just sit there in pain for 3 days. ick, i hate my period. *thank gosh that its my 4th day!!*

By amphoteric On 09/13/02  

neither! i'm a keeper ( devotee, with reusable pads for super-tender days (and backup, on heavy days) - i love it, and feel much better about not producing so much waste or having my money go to tampon manufacturers. i hate tampons, and would deal with them next after world peace and eradicating famine.
> - has some pretty great essays on menstrual products, although her ideal product is *so* not my idea of menstrual joy.


By gromit On 09/13/02  

tampons. pads on occasion if my body tells me to, but they're too bulky (even under my baggy clothes). my body's too small for the keeper, so i'll just keep buying my xtra small tampons as long as they'll make them. i really only bleed for 2 days or so, so my period's not really a hassle.

By jtsang On 09/13/02  

bummer, apparently work thinks something on myvag is inappropriate for work. Will have to research more at home :)

By jtsang On 09/13/02  

Both at the same time.
Sadly I bleed through tampons, even if I use the super ones or whatever, something about the string wicking the liquid. So i wear both b/c if I wear a panty liner and run out of tampons I'm screwed. I go with just pads when i can't stand tampons. I have much better periods now than when I was younger, probably due to the pill. I also sleep with a tampon in, this is a relatively new practice, within the past few months, b/c I was tired of waking up and having to run around and soak stuff and launder it before going (late) to work. Ugh. I wish I could get rid of it all together. I'm interested by the keeper but afraid of it at the same time, is it hard to use? Is it messy? I would also love to craft pads to work on my undies, b/c the ones they sell never seem to cover in the right places, but i'm afraid i'd bleed through those too, do you put a plastic layer in or something, to keep from soaking through? Details please!
I am just glad I don't have it every other or every 3rd week anymore. No more bleeding for 8-10 days, having 10 days off and starting all over again. bleh. God bless the pill.

By bitzabella On 09/13/02  

I use OB tampons. I was strictly a pad girl from the time of my first period until college. Commercial Pads make me feel icky and I find tampons to be much more convenient. That said I am tempted to order some cloth pads for overnight use (in particular the "Paris Poodle" fabric ones I saw on a website not to long ago). I also, thanks to the rave reviews on glitter, have been working myself up to try the keeper.

By danielepea On 09/13/02  

Yeah, I use both at the same time too. I usually bleed through a tampon pretty quickly too, but they prevent me from getting debilitating cramps so I still use them. It's also a pain in the ass for me to be running to the bathroom 100 times a day so the combo buys me more time. Sometimes I'll use just a pad, but I usually get horrible cramps and remember why I wear tampons.

As far as alleviating cramps. I take and extra dose of ibuprofen (like 4 pills) to treat them if they come on. I have learned that if I just take 2 ibuprofen in the morning, it prevents any cramps until I get home in the evening. I think it's just a matter of learning how your body responds to different treatments and preventive measures.

By cowgirly On 09/13/02  

Keeper baby!
It's revolutionized my periods. I really don't mind them anymore, they seem like less of a hassle since I don't have to remember to carry replacement products with me, I've got all I need inside.

Though I do think my cramps have gotten *slightly* worse since using it- I stress slightly, but does that make sense to anyone?

Sometimes I'm caught without my Keeper at the beginning of my period, like if I'm at work, and I have to use a tampon. I'm amazed at how ineffective those things are! They don't expand fully, they leak, and the trash they create is appalling.

To everyone who's considering it: try the Keeper. It doesn't take much getting used to (maybe a cycle or two) and the cost is refundable if you're not satisfied. But, I think you will be!


By oldskoolgeek On 09/13/02  

Pads since I was 10 and received the curse!
I tried tampons in middle school but there was some unpleasantness and eventually a "lost" tampon (I am convinced when I die the mortician will find an o.b. stuffed behind some vital organ).
Since being on the pill my periods which used to consist of horrible cramps and vomiting and lasted around 7 days now have considerably less cramping, no vomiting and last only 4 days.

By kari-star On 09/13/02  

I use the keeper, and a cloth pad at night if I want to give my stuff a break (but I don't bleed much at night, so, I could probably get away with nothing).

I love the keeper. I tried it first on a camping trip, and it was so easy. I had some problems with leaking after that first dream week, but I've ironed them out by now.

I've read that a lot of women who bleed *alot* love the keeper because it lets them know exactly how much they're bleeding. I know when I first started to use mine I was surprised at how little blood there actually was, compared to tampons, which I guess just make everything seem so much worse.

By vicious081 On 09/13/02  

i use pads, and only pads. i've tried tampons, but i get too tense to actually get the tampon in (sorry if that was TMI). i don't really mind pads, so i think i'll stick with them.

By ann74 On 09/13/02  

Well, I've always used pads. I've never really had a problem with them- I just buy the thin kind so that they don't feel bulky, and I change them often so they don't feel gross, and I'm fine. But last month I decided I wanted to try tampons again (I tried them a long time ago and couldn't get the hang of them).

So I got a box of the slim kind and I tried one, and I was able to get it to work. Only problem was, I started getting paranoid it wasn't in all the way. You're not supposed to feel them and I thought I kind of could, just a little bit... so I pulled it out... ouch.

I tried another one later and kept it in all night, figuring the first one hurt coming out because it was still dry... but six hours later when I pulled it out, it still hurt coming out. So I don't know if I want to use them again next month. I get worried about TSS, too, even though I know it's rare.

I would like to try the Keeper... maybe I will sometime soon.

By jtsang On 09/13/02  

tampon fearers,
you have to relax a bit, and tss can happen to anyone, not just tampon wearers, so it's not tampon specific, read the little insert in the box. I would worry less about tss than getting one lost like old skool geek, I know someone who had to go to the gyno to get it removed b/c she put one in on top of another and couldn't get the deepest one in. My wonder is how you can fit two of them up there. heh heh. Try 'lites' they are the smallest, and are easier to insert. I'm just wondering how revolutionary it will be when i finally give up and get the keeper, for some reason i'm freaked out that i'll spill blood all over me ick

By kickarse On 09/13/02  

Pads. Once again, this may be TMI, but I have a very light flow and tampons are REALLY really irritating for me, even the super junior ones. They absorb way too much. I tried the keeper, but I had trouble breaking the suction (ow!) and just couldn't get into it. I've come to the conclusion that all the internal methods just don't work for me, even though the tampon media likes to tell you you're a gross old diaper wearing granny for using pads. Eh, who cares? I'm making the switch to cloth pads right now, especially when I cleaned out my fabric pile and realized how much flannel I have!! So cute pink Nick and Nora pads, here I come!

By bootstrappixi On 09/13/02  

I use a sponge. I read about it a few years ago in the book Cunt. So, what you do is this, you go buy this sea sponge thing from a health food store (10 bucks for two sponges seems to be the going rate) and during the day you wear it like a tampon. Every once in a while (3 or 4 times a day for me) you haul it out squeeze out all the blood & rinse it in the sink. I admit it's a bit tricky in public restrooms, but it is so worth it not to be puttin' those toxic dioxin-y tampons in your beautiful bad self, & it totally (&literally) gets you in touch with your periods.
At night I have a designated period towel, I just sleep with it between my legs.
It's kinda nice, my period & I are on friendlier terms now than in the past.

By XoeCraft On 09/13/02  

I'm a Keeper gal, all the way! It's easy and effective, and since you only have to buy one, cheap.

I figured out, thanks to Glitter, to cut the little stem thing all the way off. It was a little irritating; now that it's gone, I don't even notice the Keeper. I do have to pee a little bit more frequently with it, though. But that happened with Tampons as well.

The Keeper is a Keeper,

By DIYordie On 09/13/02  

i alternate between the keeper, rags and a sponge...
the keeper is awesome when you have a heavy period. and i love knowing that i will never have to buy another menstrual product for ATLEAST 10 years... its comfortable and doesnt produce excess waste. i like being able to poor my blood down the sink and see what exactly is coming out of my body.
reusable pads are awesome because you can MAKE YOUR OWN!! and as we all know, that is so fun... or if in a bind you can just tear up an old tshirt and safety pin it in yr undies.
the sponge i think is great for the last few days when im really light. that way it doesnt tend to leak through. my boyfriend calls it "the sea creature" in my vag.
i use the sponge and keeper most often. i like having to use my fingers to get them out... like i feel i know my vag much better since i started using them.
i totally dont mind my period as much and i think my cramping is actually less painful!

By DIYordie On 09/13/02  

actually you can find sponges in craft stores or paint stores (even home depot!) for much much cheaper.
i got this huge bag of 'em for like $3.00!

By Ju7ia On 09/13/02  

Does anyone have DIY instructions for making flannel pads? TIA

By DIYordie On 09/13/02

alot of "cloth diaper sites" have it too...

By ann74 On 09/13/02  

Yeah, I know you can get TSS anyway, and I know that it's rare, but the fact that it's been linked to tampons doesn't really help. But that's not the main reason at all that I'm hesitant to use them again... I would deal with the risk if I found them more comfortable to use. I tried relaxing as much as I could, taking deep breaths, and it did help, but not a whole lot... and since I was using the "slim" version already that didn't give me a whole lot of confidence in the whole situation. I would just rather use something that is both easy and comfortable for me, considering my periods themselves are anything but easy and comfortable.

That said, I probably will try again eventually.

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