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By cubby On 09/13/02  


Oh man oh man oh man, I am in heaven. For the first time on American television on a talk show venue, Morrissey did an interview on the Craig Kilbourne show.

He looked super fantastic! He wore a light blue shirt under a navy cardidan with black slacks and black shoes. He looked pretty much the same, except for more crinkles around the eyes, and greyed temples.

I listened to the Smiths in the early to mid-eighties and then onto Morrissey's solo stuff. I watched his videos on the old skool 120 minutes with Dave Kendall.

It was really surreal watching him perform tonight. I was overcome with a weird nostalgia for highschool even though I freaking hated highschool.

He is also performing tomorrow night on the show. He will be playing 'Every Day is like Sunday'.

Any other Moz fans out there?

By thriftstorediva On 09/13/02  

I was not to crazy about his solo stuff, but I loved the smith's back in the 80's (and now). My favorite album is Louder Than Bombs. unloveable being my fave song off that album. His voice is that of an angel....a morose, unconsolable angel. They were such a comfort back in my sucky teen years. Now their music makes me smile in a wry, pained sort of way....but oddly joyful, too. that was also when I listened religiously to the bauhaus, joy division, sisters of mercy, and the fall. It's so funny that now I look back on it fondly even with the stupid crap of being a suicidal, lonely teen. I cannot believe I missed Morrissey!

By monkey_thoughts On 09/13/02  

Wow, I am glad I saw this post, he is on right now pacific. I was going to watch Conan, silly me.

all of you that are sad for missing this, do not despair. He is so great he is going to be on two nights in a row 12th & 13th.

as for why he picked Kilborne, he was the only one who personally liked Morissey's music (according to the interview last night)

By Marlana On 09/13/02  

Oh my god, I could kick myself! I had a note to watch this and I forgot all about it!!!! Damn it! But he's going to preform tonight too?

By Daysleeper On 09/13/02  

He's going to be on tonight right?? So I haven't totally missed it???

Cubby -- about that nostalgic for HS feeling -- I'm totally with you (even though I hated HS too) I saw Soul Asylum on an SNL re-run awhile ago, and, without any warning, I was transported to my Mom's living room in the middle if the night watching 120 Minutes (with Dave K.). It was a sweet sad feeling, sometimes I miss my angsty, alternative, post-modern youth....

By bunny On 09/13/02  

i wihs i had seen that! oh man.

By PL_SausageQueen On 09/13/02  

I CANNOT believe I 've missed this.
Did anybody taped it???????

By Lacey On 09/13/02  

OMG! I missed it!
Did you say it would be on tonight too???

By blueduvet On 09/13/02  

dammit, I missed it. the one night I go to bed early...

By kickarse On 09/13/02  

I taped it! Though how I would get it to glitterati around the country, I'm not sure...

and hee, hee, daysleeper, about 120 min. with Dave Kendall! Do you remember when Thurston Moore was the guest host for like two months running? hahahaha Dave Pirner looks exactly like my high school crush so Soul Asylum takes me back as well...

By LauraLee On 09/13/02  

why did he choose to go on craig kilbourne? that man strikes me as being quite the choad.

By kungfugirl On 09/13/02  

Yay, kickarse, I love you!!!! Can I come over? So he's on tonight (Friday) too? Why?

By kickarse On 09/13/02  

Yeah of course! Come on over! I didn't watch it, I just started the VCR 'cause I knew all the Seattle glitter girls would wanna see it, especially Mishy, and I didn't want to call you all at 12:30 in case you were sleeping.

By kungfugirl On 09/13/02  

Thanks! Maybe Sunday?

By kickarse On 09/13/02  

Yeah, totally! I've even been cleaning the apartment all week so maybe it'll look decent by then! (fat chance)

By mishymisu On 09/13/02  

Call me when you wat us to come over! What song did he sing (If any)?

By a-monroe On 09/14/02  

oh my god, lauralee i was going to post the same thing! i was even going to say he was a chode! i've never seen anyone even use that term here. yipeee. i'm pretty sure it was a logistical thing, he's playing in the l.a. area this weekend and a huge portion of his fan base is here so it was either craig or leno (puke!) i missed the interview, but tonight craig said "everyday is like sunday" was one of his favorite songs, so maybe he is a fan. i would have loved to have seen him with conan...maybe he'll be on his show too?

i looooooove morrissey and have for so long. i have many morrissey related stories and angsty teenager meanderings about him. when i hear him alone or with the smiths i feel so bizarrely nostalgic for the times i was depressed and heartbroken and i sang "call us home, kiss our cheeks, nobody loves us..." to myself all the time because it made me feel better.

sometimes i think in moz/smiths lyrics. like when i was wandering around london with my boyfriend i kept thinking "if a double decker bus crashes into us to die by your side..." :) the more i think about it the more i wish i would have got tix to see him this weekend. i thought i would sit this tour out since i'm absurdly broke...oh but i want to see him again.

By lindastar On 09/13/02  

awww! god damn i need a tv antenna.

By violet On 09/13/02  

i fuckign love morrisey. sing me to sleep was the first song i heard and adore all the smiths and his stuff too.

By thriftstorediva On 09/14/02  

The first song I heard by the smiths....? Probably something off Hateful Hollow. Sonic Youth!!!!! They were here in Seattle for bumbershoot and I missed it!!!!!! and the lead singer from mazzy star was just at the crocodile not too long ago...missed that as well. Now all I need is for X to come to town and miss that too! At that point, I will have to file for divorce!

By meadow On 09/14/02  

eh ill sit through kreggers from morrisey. dreamy dreamy morrisey.

By kungfugirl On 09/14/02  

Yeah, Karen, call me when you want us to come over. I should be home after 2. I saw him sing tonight - he looks a lot older than he did onstage at the Seattle show, but still so cute!

By Meegie On 09/14/02  

I'm so mad I missed it. I didn't know about it on Thursday, and last night I was really tired and went to sleep really early. Crap...

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