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Topic A desperate plea! Fill up my mailbox! Go to previous topic Go to next topic Go to higher level

By Lyssalicious On 09/12/02  

As I'm sure most of you are fully aware, I'm leaving for school on Saturday. And you're probably glad 'cause then I won't be talking about it anymore. I know I am.

Anyway, at the risk of sounding completely pathetic, I would love to get mail. It's totally depressing getting nothing in my little box day after day. I'd be happy with postcards, letters, hell, I'd be happy to get a used napkin as long as it was in an envelope. Since I probably won't be posting as much, I'd love to be able to know what's going on with all you ladies.

My email's in my profile. Feel free to email me and I'll send you my address. I'll definitely respond! I'm a great pen pal.

hoping that people won't be terribly disgusted by her pathetic-ness

By enhale On 09/13/02  

you know where's a great place to get random mail from people?

sign up there and be like, hey send me mail i need cheering up in a new place and i'm sure there will be friendly people sending you random things and paper art, homemade postcards etc.

By UnsafeBuilding On 09/13/02  

Sure thing! I'll be posting this same message in April so i DEFINITELY will!

By PL_SausageQueen On 09/13/02  

~emailed you~

By lottie On 09/13/02  

ok, this may be completely random and wrong, but i had an email this morning from an address almost exactly like yours today... it was a really large message and i deleted it b/c i didn't recognize it and didn't want to infect the system at work [i'm paranoid.]

but hey, i'll send you mail.

By Lyssalicious On 09/14/02  

Thanks everyone. You guys made my day. I feel like not such a loser now. I'm leaving today, and I'm excited to hear from you guys. I've emailed everyone who responded my address, I think. So, I hope I'll hear from you soon! Talk to you soon, Glitterati!

BTW, wasn't me who sent that big email. :)

who really should sign "Alyssa" from now on 'cause her roomie's name is Lissa also

By AesSedai On 09/14/02  

Good Luck at your new school Alyssa! College is a wonderful time of life and I assure you many new discoveries and friends await you:)

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