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By SublimeStitcher On 09/07/02  

Man am I exhausted. Going to bed, but managed to spend some time lurk, lurk, lurking around Glitter. Haven't had time to post all week, and I miss it! Good night ladies! I'll be back soon going: wha? who said, why? waitaminnit what did I miss?

Oh, and hey there:
and uk ida!
are we still on?


By Hipkitty On 09/07/02  

goodnight sublime :) have a great sleep :)


By bluejeans_ok On 09/17/02  

well i hope you have finnished resting now wake up and smell the coffe

By SublimeStitcher On 09/17/02  

Ha! The post that came back from the grave! *yawn*. Yes. I have probably had about 100+ hours of sleep since my original post. Fresh as a daisy.

It's 6:30am now though, I woke up against my will, and am smelling the coffee at this very moment.

By susan*s On 09/17/02  


You are my hero!!!

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