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By XoeCraft On 08/30/02  

Just wanted to give a heads up to anybody else whose S.O. would like to sign up for a mix-tape/cd swap.

If your wife or husband or girlfriend or boyfriend would want in on this, just send a little ol' e-mail to: and I'll get 'em added in to the mix.


By khimegirl On 08/30/02  

When is this happening? My SO asked the other night...

By Bizwitch On 08/31/02  

i'm signed up, right? my bf has been constantly asking when this is gonna start. he's just chomping at the bit to do this! at least he's enthusiastic... :/


By XoeCraft On 08/31/02  

Yes, Biz I believe you are. MSN is having some kind of trouble so I can't check my e-mail right now. Hopefully later today I'll be able to get everything sorted out.

SO excited. (heh)

By XoeCraft On 08/31/02  

Today is the sign-up deadline. And if MSN ever comes back up, I'll get everything sorted and send out the e-mails.


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