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By danielepea On 08/30/02  

I have practically nothing to do at work this afternoon so I am choosing to spend my free time counting down the minutes until I can get out of here for three whole days.

Does anybody have any spiffy Labor Day plans?

My cousin and I are going to visit my parents who live near the Jersey shore. Unfortunately it is supposed to be rainy and cold all weekend. Oh well, outlet malls here we come! Also, my friend from out of town will be in the tri-state area and a big bash at his mom's house is planned for Sunday.

Ahhh! 3 hours to go!

By ladyjane On 08/30/02  

Saturday is a kick-ass used book sale at my sweetie's church!

Sunday is, well, church. But my second-favorite ceremony: The Water Communion.

Monday is sleeping, and, errr...laundry. :P Maybe we'll do take-out or something.

By heathertea On 08/30/02  

I'm jealous of everyone with a 3-day weekend! I have to work tomorrow (thought at least I have sun & mon off and get paid an extra 8 hours for the holiday on monday) and my boyfriend is going to be gone from early saturday morning until late sunday night. I will be so lonely, but at least I will finally be able to get some laundry and stuff done. =)

By vintage lilac On 08/30/02  

hitting garage sales all morning on Saturday, poolside the rest of the weekend. Gotta love a brother with an in-the-ground pool.

By Elf_Chick On 08/30/02  

sunday is packed: brother coming home, bbq at aunt and uncle's, Good Eats Marathon (!!!), and possibly going out with friends in the p.m. (though i doubt the last; think i'd rather save my $ and rest up and watch Adult Swim & chat with Biz as usual!)

aside from that, just stuff like seeking employment, getting b'day present for Dad, figuring out what cake to bake him, catching up on my correspondence etc.


By blueduvet On 08/30/02  

I plan on hitting the stoop sales all weekend and maybe a flea market. I also want to go to Pearl River to get some kitchen stuff. and I've got to do a lot of ironing so I have clothes ready for any temp assignments I get next week. other than that, I'll be taking the dog to the park and cooking, maybe trying new recipes.

By cleanout On 08/30/02  

water communion? do tell.

i'm going to the oakland twins game tonight!! to the russian river for swimming tomorrow, to dance class on sunday, to see harold and maude, to church sunday evening and then to my favorite jazz place afterwards.

and thrifttown is having a huge sale on sunday, 30% off of everything. and monday is 50% off all clothing. woo-hoo!!

By originalcyn On 08/30/02  

Work is totally slow here too today. Good thing because I am sooo tired!
My weekend plans involve shopping for baby clothes & furniture stuff, hoping for some good clearance sales. Yes, that was me posting a few months ago about being childfree by choice -- oops -- I guess we are fertile after all! We just found out it is a girl, so with a little money I have saved up, we are going to try to find some bargains. I hate shopping, so not really looking forward to it.
Probably doing some barbecuing too, now that food is starting to taste better. Just having three days off is great, since I haven't had any real vacation since last December. All my days off have had to be used for pet emergencies, appliance repairpeople, and doctor's appointments - not exactly fun stuff.
Yes, that was also me posting a while back that my employer could fire me for getting pregnant since I was the only employee. Luckily, they are planning to hire another person full-time and have been great about it so far. Today I didn't make it in until 10 a.m.!
Number one objective for the weekend: sleep, sleep and more sleep!

By a-monroe On 08/30/02  

this weekend is my home improvement/ apartment hunting weekend. hopefully i'll paint and finish the patio and of course keep getting rid of stuff.

By blueduvet On 08/30/02  

ugh. it's probably gonna rain this weekend. so no stoop sales. I'll probably browse the used book shops cause the E.L. Doctorow book I picked up yesterday isn't satisfying enough.

By stella On 08/30/02  

i have an hour and a half long aikido class on monday evening, yay. i stayed for my basics class and the regular class today, and i thought i was going to vomit from exertion (i am really out of shape) but it was great. i like getting flung around.

but anyways, my weekend... i might hit the salvation army tomorrow (1/2 off day!) or yard sales, but i'm not really in a "buying things" mood. i'll probably have a weekend much like every other weekend....


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