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By bunny On 08/30/02  

i am not a happy bunny. for one thing it's 6:30am and i am awake. oh but wait it gets better. i have to be at work at 8:30. which means i have to leave here in 30 minutes. we are having a training session until 10. then i have errands to run. then i have to be back at work at 5 until 9:30. which means i won't be getting home unitl around 11pm. i'm hoping i can make it home in that break and maybe lay down, but a) as you can see my commute is long-i take public transportation (so i can't even lay down in the car in the shade somewhere) and b) if i were to get some sleep i'm afraid i wouldn't get up in time or it would just make me feel worse.

oh, i'm giving myself a headache. i will stop.

i'm trying to focus on the bright side that i will probably get free skin care products out of this. really nice stuff too. and when i get home libbyowsa will be coming to visit for the weekend! which i will be working every day of . . .

sorry, i had to bitch.
back to yr regularly scheduled friday!

By becca_13 On 08/30/02  

(((hugs to you)))
coffee and a nap coming your way

By farce On 08/30/02  

i can totally relate. I have serious insonia lately. Its ridiculous. I really need to get on some typeof schedule. I have only slept 6 hours in the past two days. I hate when this happens to me it totally fucks my health up too. oh well ill be fine in like a week. Im really sorry there is no where you can rest really.

By Lacey On 08/30/02  

well this post is on a funny day for me!!
I've been up for so many hours I'm not sure I can count! I'm usually and insomniac anyway though.

I'm helping my boyfriend move back to London. Visa issues. I secretly want to sabatosh it so it can't happen....but instad I'm helping. Expect some sad posts from me very soon :(

In the last 36 hours we have managed to box up his whole apartment, sotr out stuff for salvation army, and get rid of his furniture. RThen we ran to the post office to send his clothes to his brothers house in England. I got all my stuff out of there (which was way more than I ever though was there! I'm really accumulated!). We got a u-haul and brought everything down to my house. Then went back up there and put what was left of his entire life onto the little u-haul and took it to brooklyn to a storage space he rented. We looked like burglers because it was 4:30 am when we finally had everything boxed to be put on the van. We drove it to storage around 7 am and then returned the truck late and the u-haul guy was really mad. Oh well. We were to tired to care.
So now I am at work....and in a few hours we are going to box up his bike so he can take that on the plane with him and then clean his apartment. I'm not looking forward to cleaning the bathroom!

I'm so tired...that I wired!
I've got that I'm-so-tired-I'm-hyper thing going on.

Oh and then we have to say goodbye to each other. I've been so busy I forgot that I have to say goodbye to my love.

This day sucks. Bunny, you and are going to sleep so much tomorrow!

By candigirl On 08/30/02  

poor Lacey *hugs*


By libbyowsa On 08/30/02  

oh my gosh! what a day!
youre not getting home til 11?!
call me and ill pick you up! definatley
i hope you got good stuff!!

By bettyboop On 08/30/02  

i was up until 3am last night working on an oil pastel illustration and now i am at work and my body HURTS. ever been so tired that your body aches. ooooo, neeed more coffee


By Elf_Chick On 08/30/02  

i've had insomnia issues for 6 years, related to depression and stuff. it's ironic as prior to that i was the world's heaviest sleeper: for example, i slept thru my then baby brother having a middle-of-the-night seizure for the first time, and the ensuing EMTs and family trooping thru the house; when i got up later to get water i found all the lights on, my parents gone and my grandparents asleep on the pull-out couch downstairs and was like "?!?!?!" {:P

and yeah betty, i've had physical pain from lack of sleep before. i think that b/c your body gets most of its opportunity to recover from that stuff while it's asleep, when it doesn't get that rest you don't get "healed." just my theory, but it sounds reasonable.


By p-girl On 08/30/02  

I'm a total insomniac lately. I go through phases of it. Herbal sleeping tablets can help me get back on the right track, but it's horrid, isn't it? Makes me all weak the next day, and pissed off at myself for sleeping through till lunchtime.

And I'm in the house this weekend all alone, which makes me even less able to sleep.

By alexeye On 08/30/02  

my lack of sleep today is due to the extremely large roach playing in my room last night.

alexeye sleeps peacefully, but begins to hear a paper bag rustling quite loudly . . .

hmmmm . . . stupid cat . . . wait . . . we don't HAVE A CAT!!!!!!


By monkey_thoughts On 08/31/02  

hahah, :D

That is gross, so gross.

By smachel On 08/31/02  

bunny, i'm sending my happy awake vibes your way...

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