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By rubysoup On 08/30/02  

Alright ladies, you're the only ones I know who will truly appreciate this. I am moving into my own house in a few weeks and have started looking for furniture and housewares and things like that. Being a poor college student, I started out at garage sales. This is what I got last weekend:

*12 clear glass snack plates and cups- they're triangle shaped and they're very awesome
*an old glass blender
*an electric can opener
*two AWESOME tea cups from the 60's
*a ton of things like spatulas, a cheese grater, salad tongs, etc...
*a super cute salad bowl
*8 beer glasses from back in the day
*a dish rack and plastic mat to go underneath it
*a skillet, a pot, and a pan for things like cake and brownies

all of this cost me less than $20.

Then at a different garage sale I got a relatively new microwave for $20.

THEN, I was at a friend's house and her parents are redoing the basement and want to get rid of the furniture, so I get:
*a long rectangular wooden coffeetable- it's sturdy and I'm planning on stripping it and making a mosaic on top, and staining the legs and sides with a clear color- maybe blue or green?
*a kitchen table from the 40's with three chairs- I am going to try and recover them, because they're old and cracking and sticky, but who knows how that will go
*and AMAZING lamp that apparently came from a mansion in the 20's, my friend's grandmother had it sautered to a base(it used to be a hanging lamp), it's got a wrought iron look to it and it's covered in colored glass, so when the light is on it's realy pretty reds purples and yellows
*a chair made of heavy wicker that kind of rocks/swivels on a base

So all in all, I think I've done an awesome job finding cool stuff for cheap and I can't wait to move into my new house.

Your turn to share :)

By Lyssalicious On 08/31/02  

You lucky girl! I got a bunch of stuff at the Salvation Army last weekend and I posted about it before. And it doesn't really need to be mentioned twice. I just wanted to say how cool your place is gonna be!

By starxduzt On 08/31/02  

I'm really must have awesome yard sales where you live!!

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