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By jillybean On 08/29/02  

I love cheese, with wine, on it's own, with macaroni... On my birthday my friends had a huge cheese plate, with wine. The best was Vodka Currant, sharp, kind of crunchy, with a slight currant taste. What is your favorite? I need some more ideas, since my anniversary is coming up and we're wine and cheese junkies!

By PL_SausageQueen On 08/30/02  

how about little cheese hors d'oeuvers:

~crostini with melted brie and tomatoe
~creamy blue cheese and scalipn dip
~parmesan and rosemary shortbread with roasted cheery tomatoes and feta
~tiny parmesan shortbreads
~avacado and goat chesse crostini
~fennel marinated feta and olive
~basil marinated mozzarella and cheery tomatoe
(if you want recipes feel free to email me-email in profile)

~cheese and fruit

uummm, I am hungy now

By farce On 08/30/02  

Im a HUGE fan of fancy brie with roasted red peppers on crackers. im drooling thinking about it. Also brie with avocados is unbelievable.

i like havarti and fresh mozzarella with tomatoes as well
~justine who is now droolibng at the cheese possibilities.

By monkey_thoughts On 08/30/02  

I <3 Cheese. I am trying Edam, never had it. Favorites are the blues and the creamy provolone. I am always finding new cheese to dry at the deli, and inevitably they are my favorite till the next good looking cheese comes along.

By grayseed On 08/30/02  

mmm my favorite cheeses -

raclette (i hope that's how it's spelled). in switzerland they have these tiny ovens where you slice boiled potatoes and put them on this tiny tray with the cheese and whatever else you want on it, and then it sits in this oven on the table and gets melty. mmmmm

gouda or leerdammer- the perfect cheeses for rustic bread sliced from giant round loaves

favorite sandwich - sliced turkey with deli american and munster cheese

and it's not fancy, but i love cottage cheese on noodles :)

By rhinokey On 08/30/02  

I'm going to go and make myself some lunch now......

Liz x

By siwrl On 08/30/02  

Stilton Blue on slices of baguette done in the toaster oven till bubbly and warm = the death of me.


By jtsang On 08/30/02  

omg grayseed,
I was going to say raclette! It is both french and swiss, I prefer the swiss version as the french version has that rind like brie. They are both awesome melted, but I even like them cold which is supposed to be very gauche, but I love the pungent taste of raw raclette...yummmmm!

By danielepea On 08/30/02  

Well goat cheese and fresh mozzarella are always favorites. Both are pretty versatile and can be paired with many other foods.

My recent obesession is a cheese that I found at my local market. It is wensleydale with bits of dried cranberry in it. So, so good! I like it on fresh italian bread with a few slices of banana. Yes, banana.

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