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By MsPriss On 08/29/02  

Has anybody else seen this?

CBS's latest reality show! They're going to take a multi-generational family from a rural, mountainous area and move them into a Beverly Hills mansion for a year. The way it's being hyped, hilarity is apparently going to ensue as these backwoods hicks adjust to life with indoor plumbing and electricity then skinny-dip in the cement pond.

I'm completely offended by this. Why is it OK to pick on southern people in such a blatant, elitist fashion? It's so stererotypical -- go the mountains and drag out the poorest, most backwoods, uneducated clan you can find, then put them on TV so we can all laugh at them. Because, you know, southerners are like that, and you know, it's funny! Ugh.

By Tigrrrl On 08/29/02  

Because the media tells people it's still ok to pick on the poor, white and ignorant. You know, since they aren't a minority, they're apparently fair game. (Though I certainly wouldn't say that the media deals with *anyone* fairly.)

The only thing white, backwoods and southern that the media has wanted any part of in years is NASCAR, and that's because it's a cash cow.

Edited to add: I feel a really big rant coming on about the media, but I'll cease and desist for the time being.

I'd find it much more interesting if they had the "hillbillies" move in with a network executive.

By smachel On 08/29/02  

i am speechless.

By Eeyore On 08/29/02  

Remember "Frontier House" though? It was just the reverse. I didn't read the article yet, and I'm sure the show you are talking about is supposed to be a comedy, but I enjoyed watching the uber rich couple suffer the hard life in the frontier days on Frontier House. Yes I know its totally different, but still.

By Tigrrrl On 08/30/02  

Everyone on Frontier House had an idea of what they were getting into and (at least my impression of them was that) they were all educated. Now if they sent some network executives to live in the poorest parts of Appalachia, I'm all for it. But somehow I doubt if abject poverty would make for good comedy.

How comedic would it be if they did the same thing to some poor, urban black family or Hispanic migrant family? Still funny? I can only imagine the firestorm if that were the case.

Sorry to get my panties in such a wad over this, but it amazes me that this is still acceptable to the American public.

If anyone wants to see something really eye-opening, find the video for "The Dancing Outlaw" It's a PBS documentary of a mentally unstable entertainer/dancer in West Virginia. It's simultaneously one of the funniest and saddest things I've ever seen. I couldn't believe that there were still people in the US living in that kind of miserable, ignorant poverty.

By MsPriss On 08/30/02  

Thanks, Tigrrl, I was about to say the same thing!

Also - Frontier House was supposed to be educational, too (it was on PBS, after all) and it spent alot of time discussing the way pioneers lived, traditional foods and customs, the way gender roles were set up back then, etc. It was fun to watch, but it was NOT intended to be a comedy, and the participants (three families picked from *thousands* of hopeful applicants) were not meant to be objects of ridicule like the Real Beverly Hillbillies will be.

By farce On 08/30/02  


plain and simple its totally gross.

I dont understand this whole reality tv craze.

By Martita On 08/30/02  

Now if I were producing this show, my real plan would be to show how ridiculous and shallow Beverly Hills opposed to making the family seem ridiculous and inbred. But that's why I am not a TV exec...

By Elf_Chick On 08/30/02  

increasingly with these reality shows they go with the lowest common denominator in taste and tact, and they don't care who they step on (obviously). "hey, SOMEONE is gonna get a kick out of this...never mind who! let's air it!!"


i like the idea of moving the "hillbillies" in with the netwk execs, whoever said it up there. ;P


By MsPriss On 08/30/02  

It just keeps getting better and better...

By XoeCraft On 08/30/02  

The show doesn't bother me, because at least these people will be able to escape their abject poverty for a little while. But, what happens when the series is over? Do they go back to living in their shack? Will they film that, too? They should have some richy-rich a-hole switch places with them. That would be great!

And the Dancing Outlaw is one of the best things ever. As is the sequel: Jesco goes to Hollywood.


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