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By achin to be On 08/29/02  

.. but i know there are at least a couple other mats fans here who might appreciate my joy!

i just saw paul westerberg play solo 3 nights in a row! he *is* rock n roll.

he played achin to be all 3 nights.

i got his autograph and shook his hand twice. he is the nicest man. he sat outside his tour bus and talked to and signed things for *every* person who waited after the show.. every night. my brother brought his guitar and not only did paul sign it - he played it! my brother now has a guitar paul westerberg played!

but best of all, last night i got to go up on the stage. while paul played a couple feet away. ahhh... this has been such a grreat week..

and this concludes my childish fangirl gushing. thanks for listening! :)

By belden On 08/29/02  

oh, you lucky ducky!! that is so awesome. i love paul & the mats. how cool that he played (!!) your brother's guitar. way better than a mere autographe.

i've never seen him or the replacements play live. the closest i've come was seeing alex chilton play -- he was just as rockin' and goofy as you'd expect.

i used to live with a cat named thunder, and we'd always sing "dose of thunder" to him. hee hee.

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