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By gingub On 08/29/02  

i wasn't sure if you had an introductions board so i thought i would be bold and say hi.
i recently moved to san francisco and just started knitting (posted a few projects on my website i love all the ideas and tips here. keep them coming!

By becca_13 On 08/29/02  

welcome! be perpared to waste endless hours on glitter, spend too much on postage to send out swap packages, and make some of the best friends a gal could ask for.....

By Elf_Chick On 08/29/02  

welcome aboard the board! look around, have fun...:)


By PL_SausageQueen On 08/29/02  

hey welocome

and you've got a sweet little website :)

By Bumble V On 08/29/02  

hey there and welcome! I'm pretty new too. Be prepared to be overwhelmed. Lots of stuff to see. Enjoyed your site. Pretty kitties!

By bratgirl On 08/30/02  

Welcome! But be warned, this site is addictive!!! ;-)


By helena On 08/30/02  

i think i should say hi as well. i'm helena, i'm in the final year of my b.a., and i live just outside dublin. i'm a terrible crafter, my work is shoddy, i have no attention span, but i love making stuff nonetheless. :)

By Bizwitch On 08/30/02  

welcome gingub and helena! glad you have you! hope you like it here. :)


By honeybunny On 08/31/02  

hi helena and gingub!

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