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By goddess On 08/29/02  

my dreams last night were of the odd variety, VERY odd...

first, i was attended a wedding where the bridesmaids and groomsmen were wearing powder blue adidas sweat suits. what? yes, and in the flash of a second, i too was clad in an adidas get-up, only mine was black. and the bride, you might ask? well she was in a white sweat suit as well only hers was altered to resemble an actual dress. it was sleeveless with a zipper up the front. oy vey!

and if that wasn't enough...

my next dream was a girl driving a tram filled with tourists while a certain boy band in the back serenaded her with a proposal from her boyfriend to marry him. i actually had the song in my head when i woke up.

i'm not sure what's going on in my head but i'm frightened. anyone else afraid to go to sleep tonight?

By Elf_Chick On 08/29/02  

ack, i had some really long and complex dream and now i can't remember! i need to write these things down again.


By donna dora On 08/29/02  

i dreamed that i was given care of a fluffy guinea pig and when i went to the pet store to buy a home for it, they had guinea pig homes that were really like plastic mesh purses! it was very exciting but also kind of nerve wrecking because there were lots of dogs that wanted to attack my poor pet.

By NotSoSupergirl On 08/29/02  

Oh my that's funny. was she marrying a beastie boy in the early 90's? i want to do that now. haha.

I had a crazy dream involving an ex boyfriend, my fiance, and some new guy all at the same time. not at all sexual, just weird. this new guy and i really hit it off but he ended up dating my friend because i am engaged. ha. and i bought world series(?) tickets for this new guy and my friend because i was going upstairs. (i guess the ticketmaster was upstairs in the living room? now THAT they are allowed a convenience charge for). but anyway, the tickets came to $4000. and it maxed out my card.

it was a little less confusing when it was happening, i assure you.

By blueduvet On 08/29/02  

I had quite an odd dream last night/this morning. I dreamt that I was Punky Brewster (not the Glitter Punky, but the Soleil Moon Frye Punky). Very Being John Malkovich-esque.

By vintage lilac On 08/29/02  

I noticed when I take a tylenol pm I have the strangest dreams. Other times i very rarely remember them.

By farce On 08/30/02  

I had a dream that i gave nico up for adoption to jennifer aniston. It was a horrible dream. I wokee up thinking nico was gone forever.

By SugarFreeKelli On 08/29/02  

Hello! I'm new 'round the crafty boards, so I thought this would make a nice first post!

I remember the dream I had last night quite vividly, actually. I always have very "interesting" cinematic dreams. You know, funny movie caliber stuff. *grin*
At any rate, in my dream I was running down my street at night, trying to catch up to my ALL of my friends who were (strangely) crammed into a little tiny VW bug. They were off to a party, and I wasn't invited. Upon approaching the little silver VW I remarked (still in my dream) that they looked like "clowns in a tiny clowncar", and that I didn't want to go to their stupid party!

Needless to say I was chuckling about this dream for a long time this morning...

By jtsang On 08/29/02  

oh man i had two weird ones. 1) someone robbed me, all the good stuff, I was standing there fretting when another theif came, looked over what was left and decided to leave b/c I didn't have anything left worth stealing

2) I was competing against jason priestley on an obstacle course where clowns shot stuff like balloons at us. I was doing damn well when someone called and woke me up.

And no I have NOT started the malaria medicine yet, if my dreams are this bizarre now, who knows what will happen :)

By rhinokey On 08/29/02  

What a coincidence, I was just about to start a thread like this when I saw this!

My dream last night was bizarre. It started off at the school I sometimes work at, where we were having some kind of party. We were sitting at the little folding lunch table things, and I was sitting next to my latest crush (who's class I'm working in starting in september- he's a teacher there!). We were drinking champagne, I was drunk, he accidentally knocked me over and I knocked my self out on the table. He then carried me to the staffroom (site of previous major flirtation) and laid me on the couch in there. Weird. He then decided to take me home but we got lost and ended up at a pub.

So we were at this pub together when suddenly everyone I'd ever slept with and even all the boys I had schoolgirl crushes on turned up. Then we all went on a coach trip. I ended up at the house of a girl I went to school with but hated, and was coerced into babysitting her six children (she had a baby last year), complete with talking baby, who persuaded me to drive a minibus around my village. Fortunately I then woke up.

It was just odd and very vivid.

Anyone out there care to try interpreting that, cos I'd LOVE to know what it all means. Bizarre!

By oldskoolgeek On 08/29/02  

Last night I dreampt that the photographer from our wedding (been talking to him on the phone a lot lately) agreed to paint the curb in front of my parents house white, but only if we paid him $1000, so we said no.
Then I was riding the old bus I used to take in middle school and one of my old friends was on it and we were dressed up in military uniforms and everyone on the bus had a plate of meatballs in their lap. Then I got off at the wrong stop and was hiding in someone's backyard.

I am a weirdo.

By KittyFishsticks On 08/29/02  

I don't remember what my dream was about, expect that I was running. The only reason I remember that is because I run very strangely in my dreams - I run on all fours. This happens any time I run in a dream, but not when I walk. It probably means something, but I have no idea what!


By kittyroc On 08/29/02  

I had a very strange dream that my (future) brother-in-law was coming on to me. It's very disturbing because he lives with us and I don't like seeing him and picturing that dream. I'm certainly not attracted to him.

By amphoteric On 08/29/02  

i dreamt i was in a really small, really full airport, going to cuba. people were vomiting into bins everywhere. i went to the bureau de change, carrying only euro, to change money before flying to cuba. the very glammy lady there told me there were eight different currencies in cuba, none of which were the peso, and tried to get me to change my money. i freaked out and accused her of trying to give me monopoly money, and called for someone to help, and they held me down, took my money and gave me...monopoly money.

i'm afraid of vomiting, i've never been to cuba, but a friend has recently and i'd like to go, and i never wait until the airport to change money. the weirdest bit of all was that when i woke up, i really wanted to go back into the dream.

i have crazy dreams generally, mostly made up of fragments of thought during the previous day. one recently about being raped in the lane where my grandparents live freaked the living daylights out of me, and it's really scary to visit now. one years ago about a place in france (mont st michel) and hitler has left me nearly having a panic attack every time the place is mentioned.

lisa, more active in dreams than life.

By PL_SausageQueen On 08/29/02  

I cannot remember mine.
It must have been—there was a lot of drull on the pillow

:P drulllllllllll

By michelle_wayout On 08/29/02  

I had one the other night, my cat had run away and I asked my mom where she went. My mom said she went to New Jersey.
I had one about her before, she ran out the back door and my neighbor had a garbage truck in her backyard. The garbage truck had teeth where the front truck grid is and it ate my cat.
I have strange dreams about losing my one cat.

By lindastar On 08/30/02  

last nigt i dreamt..... that somebody loved me. ah morrissey.

I had a dream last week that my apartment was under air raid. I was all alone, I didn't know what was going on and kept thinking "ok, ok, i've got to get some stuff together and figure out whats going on and get out of here" and then i would lapse and forget and then the big alarm voice would come on again saying "queens is under air raid. evacuate." And I was like 'oh my god, how am i going to get to my brother and where is he. i need to get some stuff together" and then i'd lapse again. V. scary. I guess that counts as more of a nightmare.

By juliemeg On 08/30/02  

My stupid alarm clock interrupted a great dream this morning. I was really mad that I couldn't finish it...

I was in this swanky, 70's era house with a huge group of people, and things turned into one big makeout party. Everybody was paired up except for me, Joshua Jackson, and this girl Lisa I knew in grade school, so we figure, hey, let's have a three-way. But Lisa got upset because I was apparently not paying enough attention to her (Hello! I'm making out with Pacey!) and left to go to sleep. So then it was just Josh and I, but suddenly there were all these little kids around, so we were trying to find somewhere private to, ahem, continue. Then stupid alarm clock...grrrr!

By Elf_Chick On 08/30/02  

just before i woke up this morning, i dreamed that i was at a new school (odd since i graduated university several months ago) and was in class, lala. there was a boy who seemed to want to talk to me but he had to go to his next class and i couldn't walk with him b/c i couldn't find my keys.
so i found the keys and left the building but then i couldn't remember where i parked my car. in the meantime this huge wolf/dog was running around and it attacked me. i knew it was going to, and it knocked me over and bit my thumb; there wasn't any blood or pain but i knew it was supposed to hurt. so i went to the infirmary and was going through crap there when i woke up.

so what the hell does that mean??


By bettyboop On 08/30/02  

dreams are crazy. I know my Grandma has been having dreams that i am walking down the isle (getting married in three weeks) and I am 2 feet tall! I think she has some issues with her granddaughter growing up :)


By goddess On 08/30/02  

elf chick's dream reminded me that i had a dream this week where i got shot but forgot about it. later in the dream i remembered i'd been shot and when i looked at my arm it was healed but the bullet was still lodged in me.

i'm glad i'm in good company here; for a minute i thought i was the only one haunted by ridiculous dreams...

By rhinokey On 08/30/02  


I am not the only freak out there who has these crazy vivid dreams!

I've had great fun reading about everyone else's weird REM exploits, thanks for sharing guys!

Liz x

By PL_SausageQueen On 08/30/02  

I Love morrissey
and especially rhe soneg: "last night i dreamt.....

By Lyssalicious On 08/30/02  

I dreamt I was on a train with a few of my friends, who were all more or less ignoring me. Sitting across the aisle from me, or so I thought, was Jason Schwartzman. I was just getting up the nerve to tell him that I loved him in "Rushmore," that it's my absolute favorite movie, and then I noticed it wasn't Jason Schwartzman at all, but my friend Andrew. Very disappointing.

Also in the dream, all these girls that graduated the year before me (not very nice girls, actually) were all tripped out on ecstasy, and when they got busted for being on drugs, they threw 'em on this train. And then some of them died there. I woke up feeling quite disturbed.

I'm pretty sure I was being punished with this fucked-up dream for being drunk last night.

By lindastar On 08/30/02  


yay for morrissey!

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