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By ladyjane On 08/29/02  

Yay! Article from about a guy who sued his employer because he didn't get a chance to take parental leave when his wife had complications after her pregnancy:

Also from the article...
" The report, called "The New Glass Ceiling: Mothers and Fathers Sue for Discrimination," outlines what it called "remarkably frank and open statements by employers reflecting the view that mothers don't belong in the workplace, and that fathers don't belong in the traditionally feminine role of family caregiver."

In one case, Nilsa Santiago-Ramos, who at one time was the only woman among four top executives of telecommunications company Centennial P.R. Wireless Corporation, alleged that her direct supervisor questioned her ability to manage work and family responsibilities, even asking how her husband managed with her not home to cook for him.

In another incident, Santiago-Ramos says her supervisor developed a job profile of employees the company should not hire. He included older persons with heavy non-work commitments, married women and women with children, she said.

Santiago-Ramos was eventually fired, and she later sued alleging sex discrimination and retaliation under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The case was settled for an undisclosed sum."

Yep. Not surprised, here. :P

Just thought y'all might be interested...


By Punky Brewster On 08/29/02  

That's ridiculous! Just because a man can't give birth doesn't mean he isn't a parent!

The place where I work is very progressive I guess. They are very strong on not discriminating against people due to age, gender, etc. But then again, I work at a social services agency. We can't be hypocrites now, can we?

My boss took several weeks paternity leave when his wife gave birth, and other men in the agency can do the same. One of our supervisors is pregnant right now, and nobody's telling HER she can't do her job!!

By kari-star On 08/29/02  

you know, I was so thrilled to see a man on the subway, in a suit and with his briefcase yesterday am wheeling his kid in a stroller on (I assume) his way to work. it's terrible that that's so unusual! I would love to live in a society where it's not assumed dad's work and mom's care for children. maybe OUR children can get to live in that world?

By ladyjane On 08/29/02  

Y'know, my sweetie is utterly amazing with kids. He's a great listener, very gentle, very nurturing, etc.

But, y'know what? If I had those traits (which I don't -- he's way more nurturing than I am), I would just be doing the natural instinctive mommy thing. I would be as ordinary as dust bunnies. WTF?

Being kind and nurturing is not an accident of the sex and gender you were assigned as a toddler.

By Amelia On 08/29/02  

I believe we need to revolutionize the American workplace. The excuse you always hear for things like the glass ceiling and the wage gap is "well, women are spending time with their families, and so those without that priority get ahead because they are more dedicated." This means that if anyone, man or woman, wants to succeed in corporate America, he or she has to give up familial obligations.

I think that is sick.

I think the workplace as a whole needs to be more family friendly. I think it's a sign of how low our society has sunk that one's family is secondary to one's job. I mean, what is this, indentured servitude?

Anyway, had to rant, thank you all very much. :p

By sofagirl On 08/29/02  

I quit working when i had my second child because it just didn't pay for me to work. But with my first child I had a really hard time with the company I worked for (Turner Broadcasting or Hell as I call it)they were so anti family that they questioned me as to wether or not I was going to be able to focus when I got back to work. My boss was so awful i still have nightmares about her years later...

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