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By daniellie On 08/28/02  

i have no idea why im having so much trouble doing this really. i want to be able to only print on half oh a sheet of paper. like printing a half sheet on landscape. how can i do this very easily? um, does this make any sense to you?

thanks a lot!

By candigirl On 08/28/02  

is it the set up of the page that you are having trouble with? if so, it is under 'File' then 'page set up' - you can change the page to landscape there... you might then be able to insert rows or columns... they are under 'Insert' and get the result you want...

If it's the printing, then i'm not sure...
hope that helps!


By daniellie On 08/28/02  

yeah i feel like ive tried everything...

i just need to print a half sheet! heh


By lilyblue On 08/28/02  

set your page for landscape and then insert columns. the icon for columns is on the Standard Toolbar.

By jtsang On 08/30/02  

I don't know if this is late, but you do the following.

Type on one page, and then do file, print and select instead of 1 pages per sheet, 2 pages per sheet. It will print the first page and then a blank page on the right hand half of the page, if you want the printed side to be on the right, then put a page break before the text you want to print.
good luck

By ladyjane On 08/30/02  

Yes, if you insert columns, a dialog box pops up, select two (2) columns. Then, just make sure the page is landscape.

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