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By crochet hooker On 08/28/02  

my dad and seven year old brother and i are going to louisville to hit kentucky kingdom this weekend. is there anything else interesting there (besides zoos). Any attractions or good restaraunts?

thanks a lot, in advance. my dad(the one with the brain tumor...) is depending on me to show them a good time. like i know where one is.


By vintage lilac On 08/28/02  

my mom and I drove through back in '96 and stopped and did a couple of things.
-Churchill Downs- where the Kentucky Derby is run. It's a very pretty place and they have a museum and gift shop there.
-Louisville Slugger Museum-they were building it at that time so we didn't get to see it. It's all bout the baseball bat.

hmmmm....can't remember what else. Let me go ask....

By smachel On 08/28/02  

as the resident kentuckian...

in addition to churchill downs and the louisville slugger museum, there is

louisville science center -- has an IMAX
kentucky center for the arts - don't know when you are going, but there's always a production
belle of louisville
muhammad ali center

for more touristy things, see

as far as restaurants go, if you drive down bardstown road, there are lots of independent delis, etc. that are really good. if you want pizza, bearnos on bardstown rd. is yummy. also, jillian's is a restaurant/bar/gamery.
i've heard good things about these restaurants, but have never been: kobe (japanese), napa river grille, blue parrot grille.

hope this helps!

By charming_cat On 08/29/02  

hi smachel, me too! i used to live in louisville (or "luhvull" / "luahvull" as the natives say it :) )

all great ideas so far plus:

other restaurants are (non-chain) on Frankfort Avenue. there's a yummy desert place (if i remember the name i'll let you know) which is near an italian place called allo speido (sp?) i think. i've eaten at both of these and liked them. there's also a mediterrean place called the grape leaf, and panache, which i think is international. panache is near where shelbyville rd. becomes frankfort ave. the others on frankfort are further north (as if you were heading downtown, but they aren't in downtown).

there are two irish places, the irish rover and molly malone's, one on bardstown rd. and the other on frankfort ave. i've been to molly malone's; the evening i was there a trad band performed.

azalea is a more high-scale place which is on brownsboro road; you might need reservations (i'm not sure, haven't been there). the only landmark i can think of near it is doll's market.

buckhead's is a chain, but it has a *wonderful* view of the river. it is just across the bridge from louisville on the indiana side of the ohio river.

the j.b. speed art museum (free), on 3rd street (i'm almost sure), near the university of louisville (called U of L). it's not too far from ky kingdom (go further up on I65 north; the exit is near the purina factory) . it's a nice museum; they have a rembrandt and some impressionists. they also have an english renaissance room and items from around that time period (some tapestries, suits of armor and such). there's also a native american collection. my favorite room is the antiquities gallery (scarabs, ushabtis, urns, and more). they often have special exhibits (must pay for those) going on of more famous collections or artists; i saw an andrew wyeth show there. i don't think it's up yet, but there's a major impressionist show coming soon.

i haven't been yet, but there is a relatively new fine art gallery downtown called glassworks. you might be able to watch them blow glass there; if that's possible, it's a really cool thing to watch (my college had a glass blowing studio).

louisville has a minor league baseball team called the river bats.

i think the slugger museum is downtown and that you can see a giant bat outside from the street.

by the river the is what's called "the falls of the ohio" which i believe shows some fossilized area that was once underwater and i think there's a small museum there too.

there's a large independant bookstore (two locations actually) called hawley-cooke and they sometimes have special events. one store is on bardstown road (near the watterson expway exit; it's further south than the restaurants smachel mentioned, but still close by). the other is further away from the main part of town; go down brownsboro road (quite a bit farther than azaleas) where it tuens into us highway number __ (not sure - i can never remember road numbers)

if you want to wind down with a relaxing drive, cherokee park is a pretty place to visit. you can get there off bardstown road, but i don't remember exactly how.

there are sometimes events downtown at the belvedere by the river -- anything from free concerts to a greek heritage festival. there are also sometimes events going on at the water tower on zorn ave. (off I64, near downtown) i went to an outdoor arts and crafts show there once.

look up the website for the LEO (louisville eccentric observer). it will list current / special events.

whew! it's past my bedtime. that's really about all i can think of. hope you enjoy your trip!


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