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By dybbuk On 08/28/02  

I'm in Vicksburg, Mississippi and my favorite place to hang out and get ideas is The Attic Gallery.

It's a great mix of fine art and folk art; Traditional and found materals.
Share your favorite local art and crafty inspirations!

By Orange-peel On 08/29/02  

Urban Outfitters! There's one in downtown Lawrence, Kansas that I love to visit and check out all the stuff to see if I can make it for cheaper.

By sharem On 08/29/02  

when i lived in hampton roads, va area it was a man 68 year old man called johnson who painted his whole house inside.....walls, stairs etc etc. the city made him move and part of it is in a musuem some parts he took to his new house on 28th street, u can see some stuff oh his porch.

in chicago it was the famous folk artist mr i aka mr imagination that uses bottle caps to make chairs, a real coat, and limestone objects......, i use to love to look at his house, thru the windows when the train went by.

here in dc/va it's many things, from the muralists, to the person who carved half a tree on one residential street near hu. etc etc

By dybbuk On 08/30/02  

Come on guys,if MY hometown has such a cool place, yours must as well!
Share with the rest of the class, now.

By Detroit_Magda On 08/30/02  

Here in Detroit, we have too many amazing things to list, my personal highlights include the semi-famous Heidelberg Project (, all the amazing paintings and performances at the Detroit Institute of Arts Late Fridays (, The basement of Old Main where all the artist labs are, the incomprable music of Detroit, and the beautiful buildings all around ( - take the tour!). Come to Detroit, but get a local to show you around! Although, that goes for every city I can think of...

By windowshopper On 08/31/02  

i know jimmy pitts!
i used to live in oxford.
one of his paintings is in my kitchen.
small world eh?

By dybbuk On 08/31/02  

Cool! Where are you now?

By windowshopper On 08/31/02  

i've been in nashville for the last 5 years.
are you from vicksburg?
i'm trying to think of anyone i might know from there.

here's a noteable nashville link:>

By dybbuk On 08/31/02  

Born and raised.
As a matter of fact, I'm still here.(sigh)
But, most of the time, my mind is somewhere else.

By joyfulgirl On 09/02/02  

I like the shops on Olvera St in Los Angeles that sell Dia de los Muertos dolls, Catholic kitch, etc.

They use alot of glitter.

By Zesi On 09/02/02  

my dad's family is from vicksburg! Small world. I'll have to go to this place next time I'm there.

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